Hulk Hogan News: Vince McMahon’s WWE Offer, Ric Flair Notes

Hogan did an interview, here are some highlights:

on Vince McMahon’s latest WWE offer:
But with three back surgeries, hip replacements and knee replacements, I really couldn’t wrestle. Vince McMahon was dangling a carrot trying to get me to come back to WWE. He offered me 25-year deal, essentially for my trademark and licensing. At the same time I was watching TNA. I liked the energy and talent, and when I started talking to Dixie Carter (president of TNA Wrestling) she was different than any other bosses or promoters I had. She had good energy and seemed honest. She had me hooked. I fit into here vision, and I had a chance to start my life over. I’m very excited about the decision.

on his matches in Australia:
Oh, I can’t brother. I was in Australia recently and did four dates wrestling Ric Flair. The first day I ran into Ric with a shoulder tackle and knocked him down. He popped up and came right back at me. I didn’t have my footing right. I was turned in when he hit me and my right hip popped out of its socket. The pain shot like a piece of electricity to my head and right behind my ear. I felt like my head exploded. I fell and dumbed it up against the rope until I could pop my hip back in. That was my first day back.

on his long rivalry vs. Ric Flair:
I think it’s the fans. There’s a real energy there. On a personal note I think he’s the greatest wrestler ever. He’s better than Lou Thesz, Gorgeous George — you name it. But it’s the fans. They are the ones that keep this going.

He also talked about Mark McGwire in the Full Hogan Story at

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