Vitali Klitschko To Face Albert Sosnowski In May

Jokes are supposed to be funny, unless you are Tyler Perry or Jay Leno. Vitali Klitschko’s recent punchline was met with silence when it was announced that he will be defending his WBC heavyweight title against Albert Sosnowski in May. Unfortunately for the boxing community, Klitschko was not kidding and this is not a joke.

At first glance, Sosnowski seems credible enough with a record of 45-2-1 (27 KOs), but a deeper look into his fight resume shows that his record is as padded as a middle school girl’s bra.

Albert Sosnowski carries a 2008 blowout loss to Zuri Lawrence on his record. Zuri Lawrence: The Don Flamenco of the heavyweight division. Good luck finding a meaningful win on Sosnowski’s record.

This fight was made possible when negotiations for Vitali Klitschko vs. Nikolai Valuev fell apart over money. Vitali Klitschko will now defend his title against Sosnowski in Germany on May 29.

Vitali plans to retire by the end of the year, but he may as well call it a career now if these are the kind of fights he’s going to entertain.

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