Inside Pulse WWE Smackdown Report 03/12/10

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Rey Mysterio starts the show in street clothes (and mask) by coming down to the ring with his wife, son and daughter. Rey introduces his family after telling the audience that he also considers the audience to be a part of his family. It just so happens that it is his daughter’s 9th birthday and he wants to make the day special for her and the crowd breaks into a happy birthday chant. Rey then leads the crowd in singing happy birthday to her as well, but CM Punk and the SES ends the sing-a-long. I wonder if any other wrestler has ever gotten heat from interrupting the singing of happy birthday before? It turns out Punk didn’t want the song to stop so he finishes it for everyone on his own. He also wants to challenge Rey to a match both to a WrestleMania and right now. Punk has a see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil offer for his family concerning what he is going to do to their daddy before calling Rey a coward and trying to goad him into a fight but Mysterio declines and leaves with his family instead as Punk sings them out.

R-Truth def The Miz: Miz is accompanied to the ring by his NXT rookie Bryan Danielson and a recap of Raw. R-Truth is also joined by his rookie from NXT and he of course wants to know “what’s up”. Miz quickly backs Truth into a corner and gets some shots in but the ref is in quickly to break it up. Miz tries to take the action to the adjacent corner but Truth makes with the fancy reversals and levels Miz with a kick. Truth clotheslines Miz over the top rope and then follows him out with a slingshot crossbody before a commercial break.

When we return to action Miz has Truth down on the mat and in a headlock but we get no replay or explanation of how the tide turned. Truth back suplexes his way out of the hold and a mini-slugfest irrupts that Miz loses. Truth is in full comeback mode now and hits the US Champ with a big boot that gets him a quick two count. Miz counters with his backbreaker/reverse neckbreaker combo and that gets him a nearfall. Miz looks for the SCF but Truth turns it into a roll-up which Miz rolls thru as neither can hold the other down for the pin. Truth misses on a scissors kick attempt and Miz tries to turn it into a pin attempt using the ropes as leverage. However, Danielson pushes his “mentor’s” feet off the ropes and Truth uses the ensuing distraction to hit the Lie Detector and get the pinfall victory.

“Be Yourself” from Audioslave is announced as one of the theme songs for WrestleMania which seems like an odd choice for a variety of reasons. Then we get a video package for HBK/Taker 2 which for the second year in a row will be the real main event at WrestleMania. Meanwhile in a backstage hallway, Teddy Long and Drew McIntyre have a chat about Drew’s recent non-losses. It just so happens that according to Vince McMahon, McIntyre is still undefeated and he gets one more chance to qualify for the MITB match. That match will be next and since Long couldn’t choose Drew’s opponent (Vince did) he makes it an Intercontinental title match.

Drew McIntyre def Aaron Bolo: Bolo is announced as a MMA champion and 3 time Washington state champion. McIntyre tosses him into a corner and hits him with a few shots before bringing him out with a short armed clothesline. Drew then hits him with the Future Shock to retain his title and punch his ticket for the MITB match at WrestleMania.

Big Show def John Morrison: John tries to go directly at the Big Show at the start and that works about as well as you’d expect it to. Show backs him into a corner and well it’s a big chop. Show tosses Morrison around a little more and adds some trash talk for good measure. John clings to the ropes to break a headlock and Show promptly kicks him out of the ring. As Morrison starts to climb back in, Show picks him up by the head and pulls him back inside. John hits a couple of kicks to spark a comeback and escapes a chokeslam attempt to set-up a missile dropkick that gets him a two count. A knee to the face gets Morrison another two count but as he goes for his springboard kick he flies right into a right hand by Show and gets pinned.

Meanwhile in the GM’s office, Teddy is having a chat with Tiffany who is not baby sitting this week. Vickie interrupts and blames her for ECW going out of business before booking her in a match against Michelle McCool tonight. Would you like to listen to an interview with the artist for the new WWE Heroes comic? Of course you would! Click here to check it out!

Cryme Tyme vs. The Hart Dynasty: Kidd and JTG start the match and J is feelin’ it early after a dropkick. However he makes an error on a reversal attempt and this allows Tyson to chop block him and then use the ringpost to punish his left leg. Kidd locks on a single leg crab. But before the match can go any further, the lights go out and when they return the Undertaker is standing in the ring. Then for no reason (besides to bury some young talent) Taker hits one of his finishers on all each guy before taking his leave.

Tiffany def Michelle McCool: Both Layla and Vickie Guerrero accompany the WWE Women’s Champion to the ring. McCool starts by shoving Tiff and then doing some push-ups. The former ECW GM answers with an atomic drop and a couple of clotheslines before the action spills outside of the ring. Tiffany continues to put a beating on the champ on the outside until Vickie decides to lay her out with a shoulder tackle. The ref ends the match via DQ as the heels start a mean girl beatdown. But their festivities do not last long as Beth Phoenix interrupts to pummel all of them including Vickie.

Kane def Luke Gallows: CM Punk and Serena accompany Gallows to ringside as we get a recap of their interaction with the Mysterio family earlier. Both men score early knock downs and both take turns working over in the corner in the early portion of the match. Kane scores with his seated dropkick and looks for the clothesline but Gallows slides out of the ring to discuss the situation with his mentor which leads to a commercial break.

We return as Gallows levels Kane with an uppercut then a vertical suplex. Kane makes a comeback with a bog boot and a sideslam for a two count. Kane hits his clothesline from the top rope but Gallows escapes the ensuing chokeslam attempt. Luke hits a short armed clothesline for a two count but gets caught and sent flying with a chokeslam. But before Kane can attempt a pinfall, CM Punk storms the ring and the third match (in a row) of the night ends in a disqualification. Punk hits the GTS on Kane. Rey comes out to the ring and he and Punk brawl outside the ring and into the crowd before Punk decides he’s had enough and escapes to the back.

Main Event Interview: For the first time (according to the announce team) Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel segment from Raw has made its way to Smackdown. His guest is Edge and the crowd is nice enough to chant spear for him because that is exactly what he wants to talk about. They discuss Edge’s various injuries as well as Jericho’s WrestleMania win-loss record. Jericho claim’s Edge has come back from his latest injury too soon and promises to exploit this error and not only defeat him but re-injure him. Edge promises to spear him and then Jericho beats him up with the furniture. Edge blocks the throw into the Jeri-tron and hits a ddt before setting up for the you know what. But Chris isn’t an idiot so he evades the move and lays Edge out with the title belt. Jericho then tries to start his own spear chant before posing with the title to close the show.