WWE Smackdown Spoilers

– Drew McIntyre, Shelton Benjamin, Matt Hardy, Dolph Ziggler & Kane beat Christian, Evan Bourne, MVP, Jack Swagger & Kofi Kingston. Christian hits the Unprettier on Ziggler but McIntyre gets a blind-tag and hits his DDT on Christian for the pin. McIntyre then gets a ladder and climbs up it but all the other wrestlers return to knock him off.

– Beth Phoenix vs Vickie Guerrero turns into a Handicap Match, with Layla, Michelle McCool, Alicia Fox and Maryse teaming with Guerrero. Phoenix fights them off until McCool kicks her in the face and Guerrero gets the pin. Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, Eve Torres and Mickie James then chase away the heels. Guerrero is left with Phoenix and she gets pantsed. Guerrero wears pink “Excuse Me” panties.

– Chris Jericho cuts a promo about how determined Edge has been to come back from so many injuries. He lists them all and says Edge has inferior DNA to himself. Edge comes out and tries to spear Jericho but Jericho bails. He leaves the title belt behind in the ring so Edge poses with it.

– Big Show beats R-Truth by DQ. John Morrison and R-Truth introduce one another before the match. Morrison lays out The Miz at ringside but interferes with Show, getting disqualified. The faces beat up the heels after the match.

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