Shawn Michaels News: WWE Wrestlemania 26, Retirement Thoughts, Fan Expectations

Shawn Michaels did an interesting interview with Kevin Eck of the Baltimore Sun in preparation of Wrestlemania 26:

on his previous addictions and time off
I didn’t go through a lot of missing the ring and missing being out there… The anger was more about not being able to finish something on your own terms that you started.

on his possible retirement
I’ve got an opportunity that most people don’t get – to go out with my head held high and be able to hear, ‘He didn’t stay around too long.’ That’s important to me, and I’d like to do that before I slip on that wire.

on living up to fan expectations
It’s like a guy on a wire; for the first time he looks down and he realizes he’s on a wire… All these years I’ve been going along and I’ve never really looked down from the wire. And then you wonder, ‘Well, if I slip, will they catch me or will they watch me fall?’

Full HBK Interview

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