Bret Hart Day 4 WWE Wrestlemania 26 Diary on

Bret Hart has been participating in a daily diary on his experience at WWE Wrestlemania 26. Here are interesting highlights of part 4:

on signing cards
The littler Bret presents seven trading cards from different eras of Hart’s career and The Hit Man signs each. These small artifacts will be split up amongst the Sajovie children when they get home … as long as dad is willing to share. The next night they’ll follow Bret Hart into the University of Phoenix Stadium for The Biggest Spectacle of Them All, where their handmade banners and boisterous hollers from the stands will be the best support they can possibly provide for The Excellence of Execution.

on riding to the hall of fame
The “Hit Man” rides to Dodge Theatre where he takes a moment to tear open a padded envelope containing a piece of recently received fan mail. Examining each and every word on the lined paper, Bret reads every last sentence composed by one adoring Hit Man fan. He’ doesn’t skim the message, but rather, Bret absorbs the words within a touching note that perhaps is just one more bit of inspiration before a tremendously significant evening in both his career and his life.

on his luggage
The contents of Hart’s luggage include a very special sight that inspires the profound realization that history is on the brink of an alteration that no one foresaw. Bret’s patented pink and black set of tights glows in the dimly lit room like a beacon illuminating a decade-passed legacy of iconic jousts, championships and a prodigious squared circle mythos.

Full Day 4 Diary

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