Bret Hart Wrestlemania 26 Diary on HHH, Shawn Mic

Bret Hart has been participating in a daily diary on his experience at WWE Wrestlemania 26. Here are interesting highlights of part 5:

on Shawn Michaels after Wrestlemania 26
Minutes after Shawn Michaels’ career was ended by The Undertaker in the greatest performance to occur at The Show of Shows, The “Hit Man” offers his genuine respect to the man who played an integral role in Bret’s controversial WWE departure years ago…. The hatchet was buried as Hart’s first order of business upon returning on Jan. 4, 2010. This is more than that. This is about restoring a connection shared by two peers – former friends – who’ve each ascended to the squared circle’s highest echelon. Serendipitously, tonight has marked the final dance for both men.

on his match
The fix was almost in until Mr. McMahon learned that blood is thicker than his wallet. Though he tried to buy the allegiance of the Hart clan against The “Hit Man,” the family not only supported Bret but also got in their own personal licks at WWE’s Chairman. From The Hart Dynasty to Bret’s siblings to the referee (Bret’s brother Bruce), attrition was swift and without mercy on The Grandest Stage of Them All. (Read full story>match results popped in new window!)

on HHH
Montreal is in the periphery of The “Hit Man” on an occasion like this. Admittedly, since he last danced in WWE, The Game has changed in more ways than one. But there also seems to be a change of heart when it comes to Bret and his relationship with Triple H, the best friend of Shawn Michaels since that notorious night in 1997.

Despite their monikers, no weapons are drawn between a Cerebral Assassin and a Hit Man. The Excellence of Execution momentarily compares the magnitude of his bout with that of Triple H, the seemingly impartial son-in-law of Hart’s WrestleMania opponent.

Full Day 5 Diary

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