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Full WWE Smackdown Spoilers | Inside Pulse

Full WWE Smackdown Spoilers

– Chris Jericho cuts a promo about retaining the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 26. Edge interrupts him and tries to goad Jericho into a rematch right now. Jericho refuses but Edge assaults him and rips off Jericho’s clothes to reveal taped ribs. Edge spears Jericho. Jack Swagger comes out and hits Edge with the Money in the Bank briefcase. The bell rings, Swagger powerbombs Jericho and pins him to become World Heavyweight Champion. One of Jericho’s shoes flew into the audience during the finish.

– John Morrison & R-Truth beat Cryme Tyme in one minute. Morrison hits the Starship Pain on Shad for the pin. JTG did not get tagged in at all. Shad turns on JTG and beats him up with a Rock Bottom after the match.

– Jack Swagger brags backstage about winning the title. Mickie James, Slam Master J and Tony Atlas are more concerned about the Cryme Tyme split. Swagger sees Shelton Benjamin and is surprised that he still works there.

– Shad Gaspard cuts a promo about how there is no more Cryme Tyme because now it is his time.

– Drew McIntyre beats Matt Hardy with a DDT. McIntyre squashes Hardy after beating him up before the bell rings.

– Swagger meets with Vickie Guerrero backstage, who offers to help him.

– Dolph Ziggler beats Great Khali with a sleeper. Runjin Singh announces that Khali is tired and wants to go home, yet he will return to win the title.

– C.M. Punk demands a rematch with Rey Mysterio. Punk offers to put his hair on the line, although Mysterio must still join the Straight Edge Society if he loses. Luke Gallows and Serena put over Punk. No answer from Mysterio but Teddy Long announces Punk has to face Undertaker later tonight after the tapings.

– Beth Phoenix & Tiffany beat Michelle McCool & Layla.

– Jericho demands a rematch with Swagger. Teddy offers to book it for tonight but Jericho refuses because his ribs are injured. He vows that he is still the champion and that Swagger will not get away with this.

– Josh Matthews tries to interview the Hart Dynasty backstage but Swagger keeps interrupting to show off his championship belt.

– Kane takes on all the NXT rookies in an Elimination Handicap Match. He eliminates Wade Barrett, then Heath Slater, then Michael Tarver. All eight rookies then jump Kane at once for a DQ.

– Jack Swagger comes out for a State of the Championship Address. Jericho cuts him off to remind him that he will get his title back. Edge comes out to make the same claim. Teddy Long announces that next week it will be Edge vs Chris Jericho, with the winner getting a shot against Jack Swagger for the World Heavyweight Title. Jericho hits Edge with the Codebreaker. Swagger lays out Jericho with his powerbomb.

– The Undertaker beats C.M. Punk with a Tombstone. This was a dark match.

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