10 thoughts on Smackdown for 04.23.2010: Edge, CM Punk, Drew McIntyre & More

1. Couldn’t WWE get a decent-looking replica World Heavyweight Championship belt for Swagger this week? Come on, it’s obvious that this shiny, robust version should belong to a child and not a champion. I know it was short notice but they could have at least tried.

2. Are WWE finally going to abide to their own rules and give John Morrison a World Heavyweight Championship match for beating Swagger?

3. Bless CM Punk and his little tuft of hair – I hope he has a nice shaped head just in case he does have to get all his hair shaved off.

4. I actually really like R-Truth (who I thought was dead) and Matt Hardy as a tag team because they actually have some chemistry together being BFFs n all that. They should have teamed up against Showmiz at Wrestlemania instead of the hot mess that was ‘black magic and the white shadow.’

5. Ooouf that kick to the head to Matt Hardy by Drew McIntyre on the steel steps was sick! – got to agree with Matt Striker though – I loved it.

6. So what will the ‘extreme makeover’ divas match entail of? Will the looser have to get her hair cut? Get made to wear some butt-ugly clothes? Or will they get attacked by ironing boards and 5-inch spiked heels? I actually have no idea but nonetheless I am excited for this match.

7. Smackdown should get some tips from TNA on how to make a steel cage look good. I even think the blue monstrosity from the 80’s is better then what WWE are currently using.

8. Seriously Edge, are you injured or not? You came out with a dicky leg on RAW then it magically healed halfway during the tag match. But now all of a sudden it’s giving you jip again. Make up your mind!

9. On a slightly different Smackdown note – did everybody read Matt Hardy’s tweets about Drew McIntyre? – Bitter much? I can see where Matt is coming from but still no need to go OTT.

10. BEARD WATCH: oh well now that Mike Knox has gone I guess we will never see an all-out battle of the beards between CM Punk and Knox. Although, Vance Archer is growing quite a momentous one atm so you never know.

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