2010 NFL Draft Grades – AFC North

Baltimore Ravens
2010 NFL Draft Overall Grade: A-
43. Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB, Texas
Value Board #: 29
Grade: A
Ozzie Newsome is one of the best GMs in the league. He knows how to get value.

57. Terrence Cody, NT, Alabama
Value Board #: 47
Grade: A
Cody is a work in progress. He’s shown that he can lose weight, but he still has a little ways to go. He’s a two down lineman now. Despite that right now, he’s still a huge plug for the Ravens’ D.

70. Ed Dickson, TE, Oregon
Value Board #: 100
Grade: B-
This was a good year for tight ends in the middle rounds.

114. Dennis Pitta, TE, BYU
Value Board #: 97
Grade: B+
Pitta was part of a high octane offense at BYU. Teaming up with Dickson will give the Ravens a versatile, dangerous passing game. Coming into this draft, they knew they had to address that.

156. David Reed, WR, Utah
Value Board #: 217
Grade: C
Reed was a big playmaker for Utah and their great offense, but this was too early for him. He could be used in the Raven’s return game.

157. Arthur Jones, DE/DT, Syracuse
Value Board #: 116
Grade: A
Great pick here. Jones had trouble staying healthy this past season and as a result his stock was down.

194. Ramon Harewood, OT, Morehouse
Value Board #: Projected 4-5 round
Grade: A
Great pickup. This guy is a raw prospect, but has great size and potential. He’ll provide depth for an already good offensive line.

Cincinnati Bengals
2010 NFL Draft Overall Grade: B+
21. Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma
Value Board #: 26
Grade: A-
Need pick here and most everyone knew that this is where he was going to go. There wasn’t a lot of buzz for Gresham since there are questions about his knees, but when healthy, there are no doubts about his skill and abilities.

54. Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida
Value Board #: 43
Grade: B
The Bengals would draft Dunlap. Questions about his dedication and work ethic looming, the Bengals still went after him. The bust possibility with him is too high to give an A.

84. Jordan Shipley, WR/KR, Texas
Value Board #: 95
Grade: B-
An ok pick, Shipley comes out of an offense where he was able to get the ball in his hands quickly over the middle, so he did have a little bit of inflated numbers, but he can still play great.

96. Brandon Ghee, CB, Wake Forest
Value Board #: 48
Grade: A
Why was he and other later picks allowed into the draft at Radio City Music Hall? I’d be embarrassed to be sitting there this long. Ghee is much better than where he was drafted.

120. Geno Atkins, DT, Georgia
Value Board #: 83
Grade: A
Another good pick. Atkins and his fellow Georgia DTs from this draft could all make an impact this season in the NFL.

131. Roddrick Muckelroy, LB, Texas
Value Board #: 152
Grade: B
Good linebacker prospect. Cincy hasn’t really reached for anybody too far yet.

152. Otis Hudson, G, Eastern Illinois
Value Board #: Projected FA
Grade: F
Just when they were going so good. Played tackle in college, but will switch to guard in NFL. Very raw prospect.

191. Dezmon Briscoe, WR, Kansas
Value Board #: 146
Grade: A-
These guys love to take questionable character players. It doesn’t matter much on the field, but off the field, if things go wrong, then you waste picks. Briscoe is under 21 still and maturity is in question. Has been suspended before the 2007 season and was arrested for shoplifting before he turned 18.

228. Reggie Stephens, G/C, Iowa State
Value Board #: FA
Grade: C
Can play either guard or center. Depth added for o-line.

Cleveland Browns
2010 NFL Draft Overall Grade: C+
7. Joe Haden, CB, Florida
Value Board #: 9
Grade: A-
I gave the Redskins a B- for taking Trent Williams over Okung inside the top 5. There’s a little bit more breathing room here for taking a lower rated player. Haden was the top player at a position of need and a premium position.

38. T.J. Ward, SS, Oregon
Value Board #: 132
Grade: F
Way too early. Better safeties were there, Tom Heckert’s and Mike Holmgren’s board must’ve been very different from everybody else’s.

59. Montario Hardesty, RB, Tennessee
Value Board #: 88
Grade: C+
Cleveland is trying to go best available player. I think people are seeing teams doing this and questioning why? According to my board, it’s a reach, but it probably wasn’t to the Browns. We just have to wait until these “reach” picks play, so we know if they were reaches or not.

85. Colt McCoy, QB, Texas
Value Board #: 73
Grade: A
McCoy dropped and the Browns got probably the best guy on their board. I have a feeling that they were one of few teams who liked him in the 2nd or 3rd round.

92. Shawn Lauvao, G, Arizona State
Value Board #: 171
Grade: D
Smart guy who can play guard or right tackle.

160. Larry Asante, S, Nebraska
Value Board #: 192
Grade: C
Brownies looking to try to at least slow down passing offenses.

177. Carlton Mitchell, WR, South Florida
Value Board #: 85
Grade: A
4.4 speed, he started to ascend on draft boards after the season.

186. Clifton Geathers, DE/DT, South Carolina
Value Board #: 129
Grade: A
Great pick. Although he is a raw prospect, he’ll be able to fit into the 3-4 defense at DE.

Pittsburgh Steelers
2010 NFL Draft Overall Grade: B
18. Maurkice Pouncey, C/G, Florida
Value Board #: 24
Grade: B+
Not great value in the first round for the Steelers, but still a very good pick. Pouncey should be careful with Big Ben behind him all the time now. Inappropriate!

52. Jason Worilds, DE/OLB, Virginia Tech
Value Board #: 93
Grade: B-
Worilds is going to be a good fit for their defense, but not a good value here. There were a lot of teams that were interested in Worilds however, and that is enough to save the grade from dropping to a C+.

82. Emmanuel Sanders, WR/KR, SMU
Value Board #: 164
Grade: D
A lot more prospects that are widely regarded as better than Sanders at this point in the draft. Like Jordan Shipley, Eric Decker, Andre Roberts, Taylor Price…

116. Thaddeus Gibson, DE/OLB, Ohio State
Value Board #: 96
Grade: B+
Good value in the 4th round here. Gibson and Worilds are both good for the Steelers’ outside linebacker position. The Steelers know how to draft for the 3-4. You have to continually draft linebackers.

151. Chris Scott, OT/G, Tennessee
Value Board #: Projected 5-6th round
Grade: B-
Didn’t have a great 2009 for Tennessee, but that was at tackle. He could prove to be more natural at guard.

164. Crezon Butler, CB, Clemson
Value Board #: 187
Grade: B-
Pittsburgh needed help at corner, so it’s good that they found one late here.

166. Stevenson Sylvester, ILB/ST, Utah
Value Board #: 229
Grade: C-
This pick will help special teams and depth, but there were still plenty more players out there that had more starting potential. Then again, a lot of Steeler linebackers have starting potential.

188. Jonathan Dwyer, RB, Georgia Tech
Value Board #: 60
Grade: A
Tremendous upgrade at running back here. Could be the steal of the draft.

195. Antonio Brown, WR, Central Michigan
Value Board #: 213
Grade: B
Good pick for competition for WRs. Steelers will have that competitive feeling now that Holmes was traded.

242. Doug Worthington, DE/DT, Ohio State
Value Board #: 7-FA
Grade: B
Worthington had a decent senior year, but will be fighting for a roster spot during camp.