Pulse Wrestling’s TNA Sacrifice 2010 Report: AJ Styles vs. RVD, Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett, Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson

Pulse Wrestling’s TNA Sacrifice Report
Live from Orlando
Announcers: Taz & Mike Tenay
Report EXCLUSIVELY for Pulse Wrestling by: PK

Team 3D vs. Beer Money vs. Motor City Machineguns – Tag Team Titles #1 Contendership Match
Shelley & Roode start the match. After some back and forth, Roode nails a backbreaker, then tags in Storm. Shelley quickly fights back, tags in Sabin, and they hits some double team moves. Bubba gets a blind tag on Storm, and he out muscles Sabin. Devon tagged in, and they double team Shelley. Shelley fights back, hits a crossbody at the same time, but neither Dudley budges, and Sabin hits a dropkick sending both back. Both Guns then knock Storm & Roode off the apron. A fight breaks out, with all 6 men getting in the ring. 3D clears out everyone but Roode, and they line up for a 3D, but Storm spits beer in Bubba’s eyes. Devon takes Storm out of the ring, and the Guns this Bubba with a Neckbreaker/Splash combo for the pin.
Winners – Motor City Machineguns

Tenay & Taz talk about Abyss being cleared of all charges from Thursday, and that Wolfe & Chelsea are being investigated for filing false police reports.

Rob Terry (c) vs. Orlando Jordan – TNA Global Championship
Terry rolls right over OJ to start. OJ is tossed to the ramp, and he tries to crawl away. Terry goes out, and tosses OJ back in the ring. Terry tries to big boot OJ, but OJ dodges it, and gets his foot caught on the top rope. OJ them works over the knee. OJ goes to the top, and goes for an exposed kneedrop, but Terry moves, then hits the Freakbuster Choke Slam for the pin.
Winner & Still Champion – Rob Terry

Post-Match, Terry is limping up the ramp, and OJ chop blocks him. OJ then slams Terry’s knee on the title belt.

Team 3D are recovering in the locker room. Ink Inc shows up, and 3D wishes them luck. Bubba warns them that The Band may take out their frustrations with 3D on them. Neal says that they will take care of it for them. Bubba flips out after Ink Inc leaves, wondering who Neal is to say that.

Recap of the Williams/Kaz feud.

Frankie Kazarian (c) vs. Douglas Williams – TNA X-Division Championship
Lots of back and forth mat-based wrestling. There is about 10 mins of this, and it is not good. Kaz goes for his backwards Pile Driver, but Williams rolls out, and goes to Powerbomb Kaz in the corner, but he under shoots, and Kaz hits the mat hard. Kaz looked completely spaced out, and Williams hits the Chaos Theory rolling German Suplex for the pin.
Winner and New Champion – Douglas Williams

Desmond Wolfe & Chelsea are talking about Abyss. Chelsea wants the whole thing called off. Wolfe won’t, because the official rankings will be released this week, and a win would put him higher. Chelsea says that he better win.

Recap of Tara snapping.

Madison Rayne (c) vs. Tara – Knockouts Championship vs. Tara’s Career
Tara overpowers the majority of the match. Tara goes for the Widow’s Peak, but Rayne slides out. Aww, looked at that clever sign ‘Out Came the Rayne, and Washed the Spider Out’. Rayne goes for her finisher (similar to Gail Kim’s WWE finisher), but Tara reverses it and hits the Widow’s Peak. Rayne rolls right out of the ring. Tara goes out after her, and rolls her back in. Tara then goes off the top rope and hits a picture perfect moonsault for 2. She goes back up for another one, but Rayne rolls out of the way this time, pops up, and then hits her finisher for the pin.
Winner and Still Champion – Madison Rayne

The Band is backstage with Christy. EY says that he joined The Band because no one else in TNA was cool enough to hang with them. Nash says that the entire Band are the Tag Team Champs, and they are running things ‘Freebird style.’

The Band (c) vs. Ink Inc. – TNA Tag Team Championship
Moore and Hall start, and Hall just dwarfs him. Moore actually gets a ton of offense in. Hall tags in Nash, who wants Neal to be tagged in. Nash tosses him around a bit, and then puts him in the corner, but misses the running knee! Moore in, hits the Mooregasm, then Neal goes for the Spear, but Nash moves and Neal crushes the ref in the corner. EY comes out with a kendo stick, and he tosses it to Nash. Nash swings and misses Neal, but hits Moore, who is now out on the floor, but then Neal hits a Spear on Nash. Neal picks up the kendo stick, but EY is back in and he takes it away. Bubba Ray comes out, and takes out EY. He takes the kendo stick, and he is standing over Nash, Neal wants him out of the ring so he can win the match. Bubba stares at him, and then clocks Neal with the kendo stick!?! EY rolls Nash over, and revives the ref, and the Band scores the pin.
Winners and Still Champions – The Band

Recap of Chelsea & Wolfe’s false claims on Abyss.

Desmond Wolfe (w/ Chelsea) vs. Abyss – Chelsea vs. Ring
Abyss jumps Wolfe from behind as Wolfe is coming down to the ring. The bell rings when they get in the ring, and Abyss continues to overpower Wolfe. Chelsea is seated on the ramp, and she distracts Abyss, and Wolfe takes over. Wolfe works over Abyss’s arm, but Abyss fights back quickly, and he hits a choke slam. Chelsea distracts the ref & Abyss, and tosses in a pair of knucks, which Wolfe uses behind the refs back, however Aybss kicks out of the pinfall, and then quickly finishes off the match with the Black Hole Slam.
Winner – Abyss

Christy with Mr. Anderson. Anderson says that he wants to become one of Jeff Hardy’s Creatures of the Night. He then mocks them. He says that he does not want to be a Creature, and that he has his own fans, ‘Anderson’s Assholes.’ He then does MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISTER….and the fans say ‘Anderson’…he then thanks the Assholes…and as Christy is throwing it back to the arena, he comes back with ‘ANDERSON.’ Probably the best promo he’s had since coming to TNA.

Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy
Plenty of ‘Let’s Go Hardy” vs. “Let’s Go Asshole” chants. Back and forth action. Jeff tosses Anderson to the floor, then flies out after but misses hard, and seems like he cut up his elbow. Anderson hits the Mic Check, but Hardy kicks out. Hardy fights back, hits a few quick kicks to the gut, then the facebuster suplex. Hardy then hits a Swanton on Anderson’s back.
Winner – Jeff Hardy

After the match, it seems as Anderson is going to attack Jeff from behind, but as Jeff turned around, Anderson pulled his fist back, and offered to shake Jeff’s hand.

Christy with AJ Styles & Ric Flair. Flair isn’t worried at all, and says that AJ will bring the title back. Styles says that RVD isn’t a true champion, and he will win the title back tonight.

Recap of Sting/Jeff Jarrett feud.

Jeff Jarrett’s music plays, but he doesn’t come out. They cut backstage, and they show Sting beating JJ to a bloody pulp, and tries to dislocate JJ’s shoulder. Sting then brings JJ to the ring, and beats him around the ring. He then locks JJ’s arm up around the steel steps, and pops his shoulder again. Sting finally rolls JJ into the ring, and the ref rings the bell…really??!?

Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett
Sting quickly hits the Scorpion Death Drop, then scores the pin.
Winner – Sting

Sting then gets a mic, and says that JJ was playing the deception game, and the others will pay like him. Medics come out and cart off JJ, and Sting comes back and tosses over the stretcher. This brings out Hulk Hogan, who basically escort the medics to the back with the stretcher.

Christy with RVD, who says he’s much better then AJ Styles.

Rob Van Dam (c) vs. AJ Styles (w/ Ric Flair) – TNA Heavyweight Championship
They pussyfoot around with each other for about 5 minutes. They fight to the floor, and AJ lays out RVD. AJ tries a moonsault off the ramp, but misses, and RVD hits one of his own off the entrance ramp. RVD is distracted by Flair as AJ makes his way back in the ring, but then the ref kicks Flair from ringside. Flair then sits down at the announce table. RVD with a straight kick from the corner, then pounds away on a fallen AJ. RVD runs into a big boot from AJ, then a Tornado DDT for 2. AJ locks on a headlock, and RVD eventually fights out, sending AJ to the corner and hitting a big time Monkey Flip. RVD then goes up for a 5 Star, but stops to pose, and then misses AJ as he rolls out of the way. AJ with a springboard formarm shiver, but only gets a 2. RVD with the Pele for 2. RVD fights back, crotches AJ on the top rope, then goes off the top turnbuckle with a straight kick, sending AJ to the floor. RVD rolls AJ back in, and goes for Rolling Thunder, but AJ gets his knees up, and then picks RVD up in a Torture Rack, the spinning RVD around into a powerbomb for 2. AJ then tries a Styles Clash, but RVD rolls out of it. Both men off the ropes, and they hit a dual clothesline. Both back up, they go punch for punch, and then RVD comes out of nowhere with a leg scissors roll-up for 2. AJ up quickly, and he lays out RVD. AJ then hits the springboard moonsault into a reverse DDT, but only gets a 2. AJ goes up again, and goes for a 450 Splash, but misses. Flair makes his way back to the ring from the announce table, but Jay Lethal comes down the ramp, and heads off Flair, eventually locking Flair in the Figure 4. Back in the ring, RVD is on the top rope, but AJ crotches him, then goes for a Superplex, but RVD fights out, sends AJ back to the mat, and he hits the 5 Star for the pin.
Winner and Still Champion – RVD

Show Over.

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