Spoiler Warning: Avengers #1 by Brian Bendis

So you’ve been warned!

The book opens with the death of Immortus at the hands of the Next Avengers, previously only seen in a direct to DVD Marvel animated movie that was worlds better then it had any right to be.

Wonder Man doesn’t want the Avengers to exist and foreshadows being a villain against them to break them up.

The Avengers are: Thor, Spider-Man, Hawkeye, Wolverine, Captain America, Spider-Woman, and Iron Man. Steve Rogers ┬ásays that he won’t be around to lead the team, but Maria Hill will do that for him.

Kang shows up to warn them and Thor blows the ever loving crap out of him. Hawkeye says “That would be what it’s like to be on the Avengers with Thor.”

Kang threatens with a doomsday device to make them listen to them, and it’s an idea Tony Stark had, wrote down, and said he’d never use….so apparently in the future he makes it.

Kang reveals the plot of Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow, but then tells them that the kids save the world before conquering it in a way that would make Alexander the Great a bit queasy. So he tells them that it’s their job to find a time traveling device or person, complete their team, and then they will be ready to help them. Wolverine has someone in mind.

Last page has Kang reporting back to old Hulk from Next Avengers, who I initially mistook for Maestro before realizing that there was, in fact, an old Hulk in that movie. There’s also some weird looking spikey haired chick apparently giving him orders.

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