10 Thoughts On TNA Impact: 05.27.2010 – Mr Anderson, Jeff Hardy & Matt Morgan

10. Really not sold on this new Mr Anderson character, mostly because the only word he really seemed to say was “asshole”. Over and over and over. Really not necessary, we get that you’re a bad guy. But TNA, do you really want any parents who have kids watching switching off? Because they will.

9. Still am not thrilled to see Scott Hall in ring gear. Wondering how much longer TNA can validate them having the titles, but at the same time I’m still wondering how they actually validated them getting the titles in the first place.

8. Massive positive this week, it didn’t take forever to get into the wrestling.

7. Not too sure why they’re teasing unrest within Team 3D. They are a tag team, not singles wrestlers. And honestly I’m not sure how many people would actually want to see them separate and work as singles within the company. TNA needs tag teams to keep the division alive.

6. So, this is where equally confusing storylines collide and somehow it all becomes more confusing. With the Orlando Jordan / Rob Terry feud somehow meeting and mixing with the Abyss / Desmond Wolfe feud meeting, it just seemed to serve no purpose.

5. Unfortunately the commentary during the Knockouts tag match actually made me wonder what I was watching, TNA wrestling, or a giant advertisement for a show that probably isn’t going to air anywhere outside of America.

4. I honestly watched the end of the Knockouts segment with Lacey von Erich rolling around the ring with the little person through my fingers because I was actually ashamed at that second to be watching a program that feels it needs to go that far in their quest to “shock” viewers in their attempt to gain ratings.

3. Putting Jeff Hardy and Desmond Wolfe in a ring together actually worked really well. They put on a good match and it was enjoyable to watch. Wouldn’t mind seeing more of them working together in the future.

2. It seems like it should be impossible for Matt Morgan to pull off his character with a straight face. Constantly referring to yourself as two people cannot be an easy gig. Even Angle couldn’t keep a straight face.

1. Outside of the confusing storylines that seem to be going on at the moment, there was some nice actual wrestling in this episode. Made a nice change from the weeks where they overdo the talking.

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