10 Thoughts on the WWE NXT Finale with Bryan Daniel, David Otunga, Wade Barrett, Kaval, The New Class

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Here I am, Big Andy Mac, giving a guest ten thoughts on the NXT finale.

1. Wade Barrett was really the most likely to succeed of all of the guys in NXT. (Yes including Daniel Bryan) I am really curious where he goes from here.

2. I would have liked to see another chapter in Bryan vs. Miz/Cole last night, but I understand how they wanted to focus on the finale and the winner.

3. Dear sweet Jesus do most of the new NXT guys have stupid names. Lucky Cannon, Husky Harris, and Mike McGillicutty (more on the last two…right now)

4. Husky Harris is mike Rotunda’s son, maybe he uses the given name. Hell call him Husky Shyster, that’d be hilarious. Mike McGillicutty isn’t hiding that he is Curt Hennig’s son. Why in the world would he use a different name? His makes even less sense than Harris. Harris is at least Husky.

5. I don’t know what to think of Percy Watson and Titus O’neal they may be the least intriguing of the second batch of Rookies.

6. Kaval with Laycool is damn entertaining. I think it would be amusing if the co women’s champions fall under spell of the enchanting intensity of Kaval. (I may trademark enchanting intensity so WWE has to give me a couple bucks when they inevitable use it…it’s that awesome)

7. Eli Cottonwood could be the next great big man. I make this judgment solely on the virtue that he is 7 feet tall. What else is there?

8. What will become of the first season rookies who did not win? A few will fade into obscurity. (Young, Tarver, and hopefully Otunga) A few will get their due. (Slater, Gabriel, Sheffield, and most likely Otunga). Daniel Bryan is already the most intriguing thing from NXT, I just hope it continues.

9. Alex Riley and the Miz could prove an interesting tandem. I wouldn’t be surprised if the two of them somehow feuded with Daniel Bryan and someone else.

10. All of the pros are pretty young the second time around which is interesting. Mark Henry is really the only “seasoned veteran,” goodness gracious he has been around forever. I will continue to watch NXT. That’s for sure.

Those are my ten thoughts…

I’ll see you next time…