DC Comics & DC Pride: Tim Drake Special #1 Spoilers: Young Justice & Batgirls Return For An Important Moment For Batman’s Robin!

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DC Comics and DC Pride: Tim Drake Special #1 Spoilers follows.

Young Justice and Batgirls Return For An Important Moment For Batman’s Robin!

Both covers include bisexual Tim Drake’s new boyfriend Bernard Dowd.

The promise of the issue can be gleaned from its solicit.

Variant cover by TRAVIS MOORE
$5.99 US | 64 pages | Prestige
ON SALE 6/14/22

The breakout story from Batman: Urban Legends collected in one volume for the very first time, in time for Pride Month! Tim Drake’s search for a missing friend kidnapped by the villains known as the Chaos Monsters leads Tim to realize his identity as a bisexual man. Collecting the Tim Drake stories from Batman: Urban Legends #4-6 and 10, with a brand-new story that sees Tim teaming up with his former Young Justice teammates and the Batgirls, beginning Tim Drake’s 2022 path!

Much of this book is a reprinting of four stories from four issues of Batman Urban: Legends featuring Tim Drake’s return and his bisexual realization:

It does not including Batman: Urban Legends #8 (full spoilers here) whose Outsiders story saw Tim Drake reveal whether his codename is Robin or not going forward.

Anyhow, in this one-shot, the final story is new and features Tim Drake, his ex-girlfriend Stephanie Brown and current boyfriend Bernard Dowd.

There is an adventure too before we get to the personal moments.

An adventure that requires Tim Drake’s super-hero team Young Justice with Conner Kent Superboy and Bart Allen Impulse.

As well as Stephanie Browns’ team of Batgirls with Cassandra Cain.

The adventure requires the super-heroes to split up leaving Tim and Stephanie paired.

They have each other’s backs as both teams converge to defeat the threat.

The moments fans have been waiting for are on the last two pages.

Tim and Stephanie sort out their close bond of friendship; they aren’t just “work colleagues”.

Tim Drake has Stephanie Brown meet Bernard Dowd and she is wholly accepting.

Next up is the Dark Crisis: Young Justice limited series that kicks of with a fresh new #1 with Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1 landing on shelves on July 21, 2022.

Dark Crisis: Young Justice is a six issue mini-series.

Plus as of July 5’s Batman #125, and that series’ new creative team, it appears that Tim Drake will be Batman’s primary partner.

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