10 Thoughts On TNA Impact 06/03/10 – Knockouts, A.J. Styles & Kurt Angle

10. So, Bischoff doesn’t have the authority to book a four way match, but he has the authority to come storming out from the back and apparently book a tag match. Something doesn’t quite add up there.

9. The Knockouts used to be the must watch segment on each Impact. “Used to” being the key words there. They had a matter of minutes tonight, and honestly they really do deserve more time. Not sure where they’re going with Rosie, but it might be interesting if she’s going to actually take out the Beautiful People (and gets more than 2 minutes to do so).

8. Somehow it feels like AJ Styles is losing all momentum. He seems to have gone from main eventing to floating around in a storyline with X Division guys Kaz and Lethal. Sure, Flair is there too, but somehow the whole thing just doesn’t feel important within the show. Here’s hoping Styles can claw his way back up, because he deserves to be there.

7. One thing that has potential to work out is Kurt Angle fighting his way through the top 10 guys. It may mean that every match he has from now until he reaches the actual title holder is going to be predictable in terms of who is going to walk out the winner, but at least it’s something that TNA can’t mess up too badly hopefully.

6. Trying to “shock” viewers with the Mr Anderson character saying certain things and doing odd things like paring up with Hardy is either going to be great and it’ll work, or it’s going to be a giant sized screwup that may be hard to recover from.

5. Each time it appears, the same thought occurs, “oh, there’s still a global championship?”.

4. Really wishing and hoping that maybe next week the feuds between Desmond Wolfe / Abyss and Orlando Jordan / Rob Terry might become separate things again, because sticking them together is continuing to make no sense at all.

3. Never thought I’d be glad to see a recap package rather than actual wrestling, but the one with Flair / Lethal actually was nice because it actually seemed to make some sort of sense. Helped to actually explain to people where on earth the match for Slammiversary is actually coming from, because if you’d only just tuned into Impact that was one that made very little sense.

2. Darn, was almost starting to believe we’d actually get through Impact without anyone mentioning The Band. They were so close to it.

1. Short main event, probably a bit too short. They put four strong characters in the ring and just didn’t give them enough time.

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