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IPTV Summer TV Preview: What Do We Plan To Watch on Our Summer TV Vacation? and What Will You Watch? | Inside Pulse

IPTV Summer TV Preview: What Do We Plan To Watch on Our Summer TV Vacation? and What Will You Watch?

If you live in the United States right now, you probably go outside and immediately start sweating! Or at the very least get a big dose of sunshine that warms you up a little bit. Summer doesn’t officially start until June 21, but everyone knows the “unofficial” start of summer is Memorial Day. Memorial Day (the last Monday in May) to Labor Day (the first Monday in September) in the US is the real summer season.

That length of time traditionally also signals the “Rerun Season” for the TV world. For years and years, the TV season when all of your favorite shows aired was from September to May. The summer months were filled with reruns of those shows and whatever else the networks came up with. Today, that is mostly true. Most of the major networks still feature reruns with some crazy reality shows thrown in for good measure. But more and more there are still some quality shows to watch in the summer months. Those shows are mostly found on cable networks, but the “Big 5” (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW) have also started airing new original programming, both “scripted dramas” and “unscripted reality”.

If you remember back to your school days for a minute, you will probably remember the most popular “assignment” given by teachers to their students on the first day of school after summer vacation, was “What Did You Do On Your Summer Vacation”? You then had to write an essay of however many words they wanted. So with that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to see what all is going to premiere this summer TV season, and what the staff of Inside Pulse TV will be watching this summer. So I gave them that assignment. I told them to tell the readers of Inside Pulse TV “What They Plan To Watch On Their Summer TV Vacation?”.

We will check back with them at the end of August to see if what they planned to watch this summer is what they actually did watch. But for now here is what various writers are planning to watch. At the end is also a complete list of all the shows premiering new seasons this summer on all of the major broadcast and cable networks.

Luke Swinney

Will Watch:

Top Chef DC
I like reality television. I like food too. It’s only natural to combine the two, and Top Chef does it brilliantly. After a lackluster season 6 with a disappointing winner, I’m hoping Top Chef DC comes through with more drama and excellent cooking.

Hell’s Kitchen
Still on the food/reality TV crossover category, there’s something endearing about Gordon Ramsay’s devilish cooking shows. Sure, the show is probably about 50% bleeped out, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The first episode delivered with three chefs being kicked out of the kitchen in the very first dinner service, so I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season holds.

Big Brother
It wouldn’t be summer television without CBS’s timeslot-filling Big Brother. Not only does the show involve strategy and competition, watching the hilarity that ensues from a bunch of hormone-crazy adults living in the same house with only each other to talk to is extremely entertaining. Sure, executive producer Allison Grodner tries spicing up the show with ‚Äútwists” that almost quite similar to unfair producer interference, but I still enjoy the show nevertheless.

Might Watch:

Cake Boss
After seeing a marathon of the show last weekend, TLC’s Cake Boss kept my attention with the dazzling display of Buddy Valastro’s bakery skills. The cakes this man creates are truly works of art, and Buddy’s fiery personality keeps the show interesting.

America’s Got Talent
It’s advertised as the summer’s biggest reality show, but I don’t really see all the love. Some of the show’s talent acts are just weird, and the show’s timeslot-filling format makes it difficult to stay up to date with the latest episodes. Still, if nothing’s on and I’m flipping through the channels, AGT’s always good for a quick laugh at the bad acts or pure amazement at the spectacular ones.

Going To Try Out:

100 Questions
After seeing the pilot of NBC’s new comedy, the show reminded me of a Friends rip-off. The show had it’s moments, but none of the characters seem polarizing enough to become a hit show. I’ll keep watching a few more episodes to see if I like it, but right now I’m not so sure.

Losing it with Jillian
With The Biggest Loser 9 ending last month and season 10 coming in the fall, trainer Jillian Michaels is up to her summer project: to transform the lives of overweight families straight from their own homes. The pilot had me hooked. I can’t even imagine what these families were thinking when they realized just how painful their week of hell courtesy of Jillian would be. Not only does Jillian look to help the families lose weight, she gets to the root of the actual reasons why they’re overweight, making Losing it with Jillian as heartwarming as it is inspiring.

Top Shot
Just from commercials, Top Shot looks to be right up my alley. A competition involving skilled marksman competing through various sharp-shooting challenges and living together all at the same time, what’s not to love? And the fact that the show is hosted by none other than Colby Donaldson of Survivor fame just cements this show on my DVR schedule.

Nicole Byer

Won’t Miss:

Burn Notice
Royal Pains
Lie To Me
Dark Blue
White Collar

Might Watch:

Persons Unknown
Warehouse 13

Will Try Out:

Covert Affairs

All the shows I will not miss are ones I’ve already gotten into. I might watch Persons Unknown because it sounds like an interesting mystery show. I like paranormal shows so Haven‘s premise with people who have superpowers might draw me to watch it. Warehouse 13 is the only non new show out of the ones I might watch because I’ve seen ads for it on the syfy network for awhile and may give it a try this summer. As for the shows I’m gonna try out, Eureka I’ve been planning on watching for some time and definitely plan to give it a go this summer. Covert Affairs has spy elements from my favorite shows like Chuck and Burn Notice so I want to give that one a try. Lastly, I like the conspiracy premise behind Rubicon so I want to see if that one will be any good.

K-E Waites

For Sure Watch:

The Secret Life Of The American Teenager
Pretty Little Liars
Make It Or Break It

Probably Watch:

Army Wives
Burn Notice
Jersey Shore
16 & Pregnant
Teen Mom
Any of those ghost shows

Matt Basilo

True Blood
One show that I’ll definitely be watching this summer is True Blood.¬† After a strong first season and a very stellar sophomore year, True Blood has a devoted follower in me.¬† I’ve never read the book series in which the series is based upon, so it’s all new to me, and I’m not hung up on deviations.¬† I’m definitely looking forward to this show’s return.
While some of the recent DVD releases have been hit or miss, I did grow to appreciate the humor of Futurama during its syndicated run on Adult Swim.¬† I’m interested in seeing if the series decides to continue the character progression we saw in the last movie, or if they plan on reverting back to where all of the characters were during its first network run.¬† If nothing else, Futurama will likely be a humorous, entertaining half hour in the midst of mostly TV-free summer.

Jenna Giarletta

I’ve been watching since the first episode, when I tuned in just because I wanted something new to watch. And of course, I liked the pilot when the preview aired after the American Idol finale last year. The show hooked me with its incredibly witty dialogue. At least several lines an episode, I would go, ‚ÄúWow, that was clever.” This has been less so since the back nine started, but the show is still entertaining. My only complaint is that I hope they slow down the theme weeks next season.

The Next Food Network Star
My name is Jenna, and I’m a Food Network Addict. So personally, I watch NFNS more so because all of the network’s celebrity chefs take a turn guest judging, and less for the contestants. However, I usually find myself picking a favorite contestant anyway. If you’re looking for a new reality competition to watch this summer, I definitely suggest you give this one a try.

Raffi Shamir

Glee (FOX)
The best new show of the last season, period. It’s ll about the music able to breath new life into famous or infamous songs.

Friday Night Lights (NBC)
The most “real” drama on TV. The ending of the last season took the characters to a new direction, promising to re-invent the show.

Hell’s Kitchen (FOX)
I love Chef Ramsay. His no nonsense attitude can not be replicated, and trust me, I’ve seen attempts. It’s one of my favorite reality shows and it usually doesn’t disappoint.

Last Comic Standing (NBC)
This is really hit or miss. When it’s good it’s great but when it’s bad it’s terrible. I’ll give it a shot for one or two weeks and then decide whether to stick with it or not.

The Good Guys (FOX)
When I see a new show with Bradley Whitford, I have to at least give it a try, especially when he’s sporting a porn mustache. Plus, the promo looked cool.

Entourage (HBO)
The greatest thing about the last season is how well the characters evolved through it. Now I can’t wait to see how these changes will be reflected in the new season.

Masterchef (FOX)
Another Chef Ramsay show, so how can I miss it? I had a chance to see the original British Masterchef and loved it, and it didn’t ev en have Chef Ramsay in it, so this one should rock.

Weeds (Showtime)
What started a comedy with dramatic touches has transformed into a very dark drama with some comedic touches. This show paved the way for many that followed, and it’s still as good as it was when it started.

Teresa Murray

Never Miss:

Burn Notice (USA)
Great cast. Fun scripts. Got a TiVo season pass.

Royal Pains (USA)
Another fun USA series. Love the brother dynamic. Henry Winkler is
reportedly joining the cast as their father. I’m excited about that. This
one’s also on my TiVo, but I always watch live. That’s how much I like it.

Psych (USA)
Love it. Apparently USA Network makes television just for me.

White Collar (USA)
I’m not as committed to this as I am to other USA shows, but I like Willie
Garson and I hear Diane Farr will be guest starring next season.

Flashpoint (CBS)
I’m a huge Enrico Colantoni fan. I never miss anything he does.

Will Try Out:

The Next Food Network Star (Food Network)
Food network is one of my go to channels. I’ll probably watch an episode or

The Good Guys (FOX)
Meant to watch the special preview but I just forgot. Previews looked good
and I like Colin Hanks.

Leverage (TNT)
I’ve always meant to try this out, probably will at some point but now I’ll
have to buy the earlier seasons on DVD if I do and I’m not ready to make the commitment yet. Timothy Hutton is great so eventually I’ll get to it.

Entourage (HBO)
Rob Morrow is guest starring sometime soon I think, so I’ll make an effort
to watch that.

Covert Affairs (USA)
I’m always happy to try out a new USA series.

Foods That Changed The World (FOOD NETWORK)
Once again if it’s on Food Network I’ll see it sooner or later.

Might Watch:

Lie to Me (FOX)
I’ve seen it a few times and enjoyed it. Not appointment viewing, but if I
run across it I’ll stop and watch.

Warehouse 13 (SYFY)
Saw it. Liked it. Might watch it again, but I’m still annoyed by the
senseless network name change.

Greg Stanwood

Futurama is the first animated comedy I was really interested in. It’s got a more rigid identity than some of the others, and as a result, allows for a more progressive direction, rather than sitting still for its entire existence, and letting the world change around it. As evidenced by the four feature films that were released between the original series finale and the new beginning at the end of the month, everyone involved has a clear understanding of what makes Futurama what it is, and they haven’t let it go. The show is not perfect to Seinfeld or Arrested Development comedic standards, but unlike most other comedies, a good 90% of its episodes are classics among the canon.

As both a fan of musicals and a fan of postmodern comedies, Glee fits my bill nicely. I was on board from the early pilot last year, and picked it up in the Fall. A delightful mix of off color humor, parody of high school dramas and musical theater, genuine human drama, and absurd cultural pastiche, Glee can make you laugh at it, or at the things it portrays outside of itself. I believe its popularity beyond the intended demographics that it has found serves as evidence that it’s got a lot more going on than just the trite “High School Musical + Freaks and Geeks” high concept logline that many critics have applied to it. Of course, with only one week of the show left (one ep tonight, one the following week), this doesn’t really count as a “Summer show”, even though it extends slightly beyond the normal Spring season’s schedule.

Last Comic Standing
I watched the first two (three, if you include the ‘comedy-off’ between the first two seasons) of Last Comic Standing way back in the early part of the decade. Since then, the show has been on and off the air, and I haven’t picked it back up. I always consider tuning back in when I see commercials for it, as there was never really any reason I stopped watching other than it stopped airing. However, knowing my level of interest, I’m probably not likely to watch unless I channel surf into it by accident one day.

Jay G

True Blood
Big Brother

Lindsay Filz

I fell in love with this show last fall, and if they’re going to give us some bonus episodes over the summer, darn skippity I’m signing up to watch.

I’ve been a fan since the very beginning.¬† It’s just fun, summer viewing that you don’t have to think about.¬† I first started watching because I missed Dule Hill after the end of WW, and it seemed like a complete departure for him.¬† The ensemble is fantastic, and it’s a lot more fun than The Mentalist.

Ghost Hunters International
I enjoy the original GH recipe’s scientific approach to the paranormal, and the European locales are definitely appealing.

Drop Dead Diva
When it first aired last year, I wasn’t sure about this one.¬† The premise seemed a little off to me…vapid girl dies and comes back fat.¬† Then, I watched.¬† Deb wasn’t vapid at all (a little shallow sure, but not bad), and Jane was so adorable.¬† I was actually just thinking this morning that Lifetime might have the first season on In Demand already.

Sobaika Mirza

Most of these shows I’ve watched before – I’m a HUGE Glee, Mad Men, True Blood, and So You Think You Can Dance fan. I’m also a follower of Bravo’s programming, so I’m willing to watch their new stuff (Real Housewives of DC,¬†Inside DTP, etc.) while keeping up with their returning seasons. Let’s Dance seems like a take on Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance, so I’m willing to give it a shot.

TV Obsessed


Burn Notice
Burn Notice is perhaps the purest form of entertainment on the summer television roster. Every episode is filled with action, shooting, explosions, and hot girls as Michael Weston and his friends navigate the crime-filled section of Miami while Michael tries to unravel the spy world.

Royal Pains
Royal Pains is a fun show that blends the eccentricities of the rich in the Hamptons and a bit of medical mystery. Add some underlying personal drama and the show is fine for the summer. Despite the many cracks that began to show at the end of the first season and my hesitations, I’ll give it another shot.

Lie to Me
Lie to Me is one of those I scoffed at originally for the intense focus on the science, something that didn’t look that complicated. Since actors are doing the small facial tics, I’m sure they are much more noticeable than in reality. I read good things about the second season and was impressed by the change of pace. The emphasis, like all good procedurals, was on the characters.

True Blood
Part soft-core porn, part campy vampire soap, Alan Ball’s True Blood, while nowhere near as deep as his previous masterpiece, Six Feet Under, is a show perfectly suited for summer.¬† There are supernatural beings, beautiful women, and a bit of mystery in Bon Temps, Louisiana.

The second season of Leverage was a bit of a letdown; the crimes had less snap, the characters weren’t as fresh. And despite that, Leverage remains one of the funnest shows on television, delivering a solid caper story each week along with some character development. The fairly large cast makes for a wide variety of personalities and skill sets which is a blast to see.

Warehouse 13

Mad Men
If there is one show to watch during the summer, it’s Mad Men. Last season ended on a cliffhanger of sorts, not the kind where someone may or may not have been killed, but one very Mad Men-ish, in a cool, understated way. The fourth season has been described by some as a reboot with the pieces reshuffled as Don Draper and his new business partners try to succeed from the bottom.

Dark Blue
Dark Blue is one of those shows that has terrible, cheesy, over the top dialogue and a cool concept that isn’t executed very well. I watched the entire first season and disliked it except for the pilot and season finale and wasn’t sure if I would watch the second season. Then I read that Tricia Helfer would join the cast. How could I not watch?

Flashpoint would seem to be a normal procedural on the surface; it’s about an elite police team trained to talk down dangerous situations and if need be, take decisive action. Pretty simple, right? Well it is, and then you watch the show. Almost every episode immerses viewers into both sides of the equation‚ÄĒboth the law enforcement angle and the mind of the criminal. It can get a little too sappy at times, but Flashpoint is one of the few procedurals that can bring out so much emotion.

I have many complaints about Psych and sometimes I wonder why I even watch it. The crimes are simple beyond belief, the characters seem like they come from cartoons, and the deprecation has no limit. In the end, what brings me back to the show is the chemistry of the cast.

White Collar
White Collar has great chemistry and snappy dialogue between the two leads, but other than that, the show doesn’t have much else. The standalone episodes rarely get the viewers invested and the big arc running through the first season was largely illogical. Still, it’s summer and the characters are fun, so White Collar is fine to watch.

Better Off Ted
The best show no one has seen as the pathetically low ratings would indicated. Better Off Ted takes everything a large corporation may do and expands it ten-fold, showing the absurdity of certain practices. ABC will be burning off the final two episodes on June 17 if there is not a Game 7 of the NBA finals.

The X-Files
The X-Files is my favorite show ever and I haven’t rewatched it in a while, so I’m planning on rewatching the series over the summer and reviewing episodes on my blog. Chris Carter, who has all but disappeared, struck television gold, playing on people’s paranoia of government and fascination with the supernatural. His enduring legacy will be enshrined in the 9 season series which, admittedly, waned in the later season.

Trying Out:

I’ll admit I’m a sucker for Syfy. They tell me it’s science fiction and I’m willing to watch. From the description and trailer, Haven looks like a serious version of Eureka, a show I stopped watching long ago because it is too wacky.

Covert Affairs
USA has become very successful in recent years with light dramas that have standalone episodes and a little more going on from episode to episode. Covert Affairs seems to be much the same way, a lighter spy show with a mystery underneath it all. And no, it’s not an Alias ripoff. Spy shows were made J.J. Abrams was born and if you want to make a direct comparison with the female lead, La Femme Nikita was created 4 years before Alias. So suck it.

AMC has a spotless record in the original series department and that should be enough to draw viewers to Rubicon. And it’s about conspiracy theories which is always interesting.

Craig Russell

Won’t Miss:

Friday Night Lights
It’s still the best show on network television, and that includes the recently concluded Lost.

while comparisons to The Wire may be unfair, they’re also inevitable. Treme isn’t quite there yet, but it’s must-watch TV for anyone serious about TV. The post-Katrina storyline is as relevant today as it ever was.

Party Down
I just watched the funniest episode of Season 2, which took place at a funeral.

So You Think You Can Dance
I watch this with my wife. I’m not a dancer, don’t like to dance and never will. But there are some really talented people on this show. I will take it over the geriatric Dancing With the Stars and inane America’s
Got Talent
any day.

Mad Men
It’s still the best show on cable TV.

Make It or Break It
ABC Family can go either way with me. Make It, which follows the lives of four gifted teenage gymnasts, can be a bit silly at times, but isn’t that teenage life? Then, there’s The Secret Life of an American Teenager, which is as bad as television gets. That should come as no surprise considering it comes from the deranged mind of 7th Heaven creator Brenda Hampton.

White Collar
USA has quietly put together a very cohesive programming lineup, and Collar is the best of the bunch. The unlikely friendship of career criminal Neal Caffery and FBI agent Peter is what makes it go.


My Boys

Might Watch:

Royal Pains

The Good Guys

Pretty Little Liars

Won’t Watch:

I’ve gone from kinda liking this show to pretty much hating it. Extremely overrated.

Happy Town
I saw the pilot, and that was more than enough.

The Real Housewives of Anywhere

Anything on MTV

The Bachelorette

America’s Got Talent

Toddlers & Tiaras

The Secret Life of the American Teenager
Scarier than 7th Heaven ever was.

The Soup provides more than i need to know regarding all of the above.

True Blood

Reached its peak about five years ago, and even then it wasn’t very good.

Joe Corey

Cake Boss (TLC)
While I prefer Ace of Cakes, Cake Boss shows us a bakery that’s completely out of control with screaming and screw ups. It’s like The Jersey Shore with pastries and less chances of catching VD.

Losing It With Jillian (NBC)
Unfortunately this turns out to be about losing weight.

Hell’s Kitchen (FOX)
Chef Gordon Ramsay should be extra mean this year since his restaurant empire is crumbling. The winner this season might end up in the mouse suit at Chuck E. Cheese.

Toddlers And Tiaras (TLC)
We play a drinking game where you have to do a shot anytime a mother quotes the price of a dress while the father mentions how little they’ve made in prize money. Also nice to guess which one of these kids will end up on Sixteen and Pregnant.

Tosh.0 (Comedy Central)
Always worth it for the web redemption.

Ice Road Truckers (History)
Best series about life on the big rig since BJ and the Bear. When will they force the stars to ride with monkeys and chimps in the cabs?

The Next Food Network Star (Food Network)
Always sweet to see people dreaming of being the next Giada get their bubbles burst.

Penn & Teller: Bullshit! (Showtime)
Best investigative show with full frontal nudity ever. Shame 60 Minutes keeps Andy Rooney from dropping his trousers.

True Blood (HBO)
Forget Twilight. This is a grown up vampire tale about various things the Undead will suck out of you.

The Real L Word (Showtime)
They had me at ‚Äúreal lesbians.”

Hung (HBO)
This show wouldn’t have made it in the ‚Äė70s when PE teachers wore the polyester nut huggers around the gym.

Louie (F/X)
Louie CK has his second dip after HBO’s Lucky Louie. Can he top the world’s worst dad?

Mad Men (AMC)
This ought to be a national holiday. Buy yourself a fresh bottle of Johnny Walker Black to properly enjoy the return of Don Draper.

Masterchef (FOX)
I applied to the show, but they wouldn’t take me since they know I’d give Chef Gordon Ramsay the business by calling him Jamie Oliver.

Jersey Shore (MTV)
The laziest kids in showbiz return. How will they deal with the startling exposure that some of the kids aren’t really Italian? They sent them to Miami which isn’t nearly as fun as if they sent them to Italy. Could they really hang with real Guidos? You should disinfect your TV after each episode to prevent genital warts of the dial.

Food Trucks (FOOD NETWORK)
Wish they had done Ice Road Food Trucks so polar bears could get gourmet meals.

Weeds (Showtime)
As weird as the show has become over the last two seasons, I’m still watching till the bitter end. This season the family is on the run with Mexican drug lords on their tail.

Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List (Bravo)
Kathy had too many public traumas lately. Be interesting to find out what she’s really done.

Top Chef (Bravo)
It’s the best cooking show ever.

Jill Mader

I’m watching Glee right now, and I’m loving it. I just wish we were getting more episodes in the last part of this season, because I’d love to be able to watch it all summer.

The Bachelorette
I’m going to watch The Bachelorette because it’s a great guilty pleasure show. I love to hate it. It will be even more fun to mock this season because I wasn’t a fan of the star, Ali, when she was on The Bachelor.

I’ve been a fan of Entourage since season one and can’t wait for it to return. I didn’t love last season because it didn’t feel as fresh and edgy as it used to be. I have high hopes for this season because E got engaged at the end of last season, so I’m excited to see where the show will go from there.

Toddlers and Tiaras
I don’t regularly watch Toddlers and Tiaras, but when I catch it I can’t peel my eyes away from it. It’s like a car wreck, I just have to watch. I’ll definitely be seeing at least a few episodes this summer.

The rest of my summer viewing will probably consist of catching up on shows I haven’t watched, but feel like I should. I have a few seasons of Big Love to catch up on, I want to get into Mad Men and I’m going to give Treme a shot soon.

Kevin Wong

What Do I Plan To Watch on My Summer TV Vacation?

Like most people, I tend to work my summer TV around vacations and basically being outside.  With that in mind, my schedule is not set in stone.

Sports, and more¬†specifically¬†the World Cup is first on my list. ¬†If you’re going to watch one high-level soccer event (and also,¬†Brazilian¬†diving) every 4 years, this is it.

As for shows, the only ones I’m planning to watch are Top Chef (which may have a 1-2 week delay up here in Canada) and Last Comic Standing. I was planning on watching So You Think You Can Dance, but they seem to have tinkered with a winning formula a bit TOO much and I am reducing this to “maybe” status.

Another show that I’ll watch (but not as “must see”) is Wipeout. ¬†This show is perfect summer viewing, as you don’t have to invest yourself in it every week but you’re guaranteed to enjoy the show when you watch.

Repeats, I’m probably going to take in the usual food travel shows like Bizarre Foods and No Reservations. And I might myself be inspired to take a food-based road trip before my second child arrives in September.

TV George

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List


Both shows don’t require your full attention. They are simple and entertaining and thus it is the perfect thing for summer! No storylines to follow, and no previous knowledge is required thus it’s not big deal if you miss an episode

Joseph Henson

Burn Notice

Karen Scully

I plan on watching Wife Swap, The Bachelorette, and So You Think You Can Dance basically because I don’t have cable right now and these are the ones I have followed from the past. I find certain reality shows interesting for some reason. From Wife Swap I like observing people in their home environment and seeing what people learn from each other, from So You Think You Can Dance I like the athleticism, beauty and intense competition levels, from The Bachelorette I just like to see what the selection is and train wrecks the casting director chooses for the person.

Eric Pendleton

I’ll be watching Burn Notice, Royal Pains, My Boys, Futurama, and True Blood, because I’ve watched them since their inception and I enjoy each of them.

I’ll be watching Top Shot because I love the History Channel and it looks like a good show.

I’ll give Memphis Beat a shot because I enjoy Jason Lee and think that show may be the next big hit from TNT.

Louie looks funny, so I’ll give it a try for that reason.

Hannibal Alexander

So You Think You Can Dance
Even though it’s on twice a year, this is one of the only shows on television where you can see a form of art evolving. The show is respected by legendary dancers, and makes legends out of it’s choreographers and even some of the contestants. Plus each year they’ve introduced different styles of dance to the US including Bollywood and last years African Jazz. It’s not just a show full of the Top 40 songs with contemporary dancing (just for high ratings) but a show that makes you appreciate the full spectrum of the art.

Top Chef
This is one of the few reality shows (especially those coming from Bravo!) that actually respects it’s contestants and isn’t always looking for a way to start drama just to get higher ratings. And the show doesn’t rely on an obsessively mean Head Chef either (take that Hell’s Kitchen) The show is respected from Top Chef’s world wide (evidenced in the spin off Top Chef Masters), and it should be because what these chefs do with food is amazing.

Though this show has been a little inconsistent lately, it’s always fun to spend time with old friends. And this show does provide the viewers with likable characters, even when you want to hate them. One of the most likable, E, got married at the end of last season and Vince is back on top. So it will be interesting to see how these two issues develop this new season.

Flipping Out
Last season was really good because it showed Jeff’s, the bipolar interior designer, business suffering due to the recession. The aftermath of his assistant Jenny’s heartbreaking divorce, and the end of Jeff and former business partner Ryan’s break up as friends (and a pretty intense confrontation on the shows reunion). This show, so far in it’s three seasons on the air, has just gotten better and hopefully this season will continue that pattern.

Josh Clinton

Glee (FOX)
I have to admit this show has its highs and lows. One week could be great with some good guest stars like Neil Patrick Harris. Then, the next week it can be so-so. The show was at its best in the beginning when they actually created their own music by mixing and mashing different songs together. Now it feels like they are just stopping one scene with a song, moving on to the next scene, insert song, and repeat. Still Glee is an unique show that I have to watch each week. Especially to hear what witty and snarky things Sue will say. Sure, the wife LOVES this show, but that’s only half of the reason why I watch.

The Hills (MTV)
This show is so played out now. Only reason to watch now is to watch the crazy antics of Spencer. This show used to be unique. The first “scripted reality” show, but now it’s just scripted from start to finish. Thankfully, the commercials are long, so we can speed right through the commercials and a good chunk of 30 minutes.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey (Bravo)
Many say this is the best version of the Housewives series. Everyone loves New Jersey these days. I just can’t get into this show, though. Chalk it up to too many years of watching too many annoying women yell at each other on other reality shows.

Friday Night Lights (NBC)
One of the best shows on television. If you are not normally home on Friday nights, do yourself a favor and record this show.

The Bachelorette (ABC)
One show that doesn’t need to be watched, since spoilers are everywhere and ABC just wants to tease drama without following through. This season should be different from what I’m hearing. But since there have only been 2 or 3 couples that have gotten married from The Bachelor or The Bachelorette and stayed that way, this ultimately makes this show rather pointless except for all the drama it brings.

So You Think You Can Dance (FOX)
The wife loves to see people dance, so we watch this with heavy fast-forwarding.

100 Questions (NBC)
Eh..somewhat funny, but no-name cast is not making me watch each week. Maybe I will give it another show later in the dog days of summer.

Mall Cops: Mall of America (TLC)
Crazy stuff happens in malls, and so far it’s entertaining.

Cake Boss (TLC)
Cake decorating and New Jersey are both popular television subjects these days. This show combines them both.

True Beauty (ABC)
Last season was better from the start, but we’re only 2 episodes in and already I can’t stand half of them. Should be fun.

America’s Got Talent (NBC)
Don’t we usually see the same kinds of acts every year. I will check in from time to time, but not “must-see” or anything.

Losing It With Jillian (NBC)
Got to keep that Biggest Loser train going. Nothing like watching Jillian yell at people.

One Big Happy Family (TLC)
Why I watch this show I will never know. Probably because I will give anything on TLC a try. Well except anything having to do with little people, toddlers, or Kate Gosselin.

Wipeout (ABC)
Entertainment in its purest form. Nothing like watching people fall, get smacked by various objects, and get bruises all over their bodies in a variety of ways.

Hell’s Kitchen (FOX)
Fun at first, but by now you know the drill. Gordon yells at a bunch of wanna-be chefs.

Burn Notice (USA)
The BEST show on television. Just ask our readers. Or the fans of Chuck who don’t like Burn Notice now, because it beat that show in our TV Madness Tournament.

Royal Pains (USA)
Not entirely bad. Most USA Network shows are entertaining, and this one is no exception.

Ice Road Truckers (History)
Still interesting to watch from time to time. The craziest job EVER!

Top Shot (History)
Survivor Colby Donaldson is the host. If you like shooting guns at targets, this is the show to watch.

The Next Food Network Star (Food Network)
Always fun to watch the “next generation” of Food Network stars. Or at least the two or three that will land jobs on the network, while the rest are never heard from again. Then again, anyone remember who won season 1 and season 3 of this show? Yeah, me either until I looked it up.

Last Comic Standing (NBC)
I love stand-up comedy. Some funny people have made it out of this show. So it’s also a show that I will watch every week. It has a little bit of an American Idolish feel to it, though, at first.

The Good Guys (FOX)
Didn’t really impress me in its first episode, but the cast is solid. So will probably give this another shot.

The Secret Life Of The American Teenager (ABC FAMILY)
Yeah, I watch this. Actually my wife watches it and I tolerate it. But at least it teaches teenagers the consequences of pre-marital sex.

Pawn Stars (HISTORY)
One of the best new shows from last year. This is a great reality show that takes you inside the pawn shop business. Some colorful personalities run this Las Vegas shop, which makes it more entertaining, as long as they stay away from the usual reality TV wacky antics.

Pretty Little Liars (ABC FAMILY)
The wife loves ABC FAMILY shows and this looks like to be another promising addition to their lineup. Plus, we saw where this show was filmed, so looking forward to seeing the places on TV where we have been recently.

True Blood (HBO)
This show makes me want to pay for HBO. But not quite enough to pull the trigger. Still won’t miss this show on DVD.

Man vs. Food
Always fun to watch Adam tackle some BIG fun challenges. How is this guy not dead yet?

Cupcake Wars (FOOD NETWORK)
Any show about cakes or cupcakes is a show me and the wife are going to watch.

The Gates (ABC)
A new prime-time drama on ABC. I will check it out at least once.

Scoundrels (ABC)
See above.

Memphis Beat (TNT)
A cop show set in Memphis, yes. But it stars Jason Lee. It HAS to be good, right?

Rookie Blue (ABC)
Looks like a cop version of Grey’s Anatomy. Might check it out at least once.

Entourage (HBO)
Another HBO show that could make me pay for that channel, but the best days of this show are in the past. I still will watch on DVD.

Hung (HBO)
Heard good things about this show. Would be willing to check out on DVD.

Huge (ABC Family)
Less promoted than Pretty Young Liars, but could be entertaining.

Make It Or Break It (ABC Family)
My wife’s favorite new show, because she loves gymnastics. She won’t be missing a minute of this.

Downfall (ABC)
Another game show, but this one is on a conveyer belt. I’m intrigued!

Louie (F/X)
Another comedian gets a sitcom. If you like Louis C.K., you will love this show. I will pass.

Rescue Me (F/X)
Still one show that pushes boundaries. This the beginning of the final season for the show, so I’m sure they will want to go out with a bang.

Pros vs. Joes (SPIKE)
Wanna-be athletes vs. real athletes. Enough said. If I remember it’s on, I will watch.

Mad Men (AMC)
I want to watch this show, because of the many awards it has won. But I never get around to doing so. Maybe this summer will be year.

Jersey Shore (MTV)
Entertaining for sure, but also annoying at the same time. It’s 50/50 if I will watch, as I only saw a few episodes of the first season later on in the year.

Food Trucks (FOOD NETWORK)
Anything the Food Network throws out I will give a try.

Weeds (Showtime)
The only reason I would pay to have SHOWTIME, but like True Blood still not enough to pull the trigger. Catch it on DVD for sure, though.

Big Brother (CBS)
Still my favorite reality show EVER! Nothing like watching various people together in a house all day long with no internet, no music, and no TV.

Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches (Travel)
This Girl Next Door goes to some beautiful beaches. Enough for me to watch.

HGTV Design Star (HGTV)
Similar to The Next Food Network Star, but instead of chefs we have designers for your home and garden fighting it out. Recently bought a home, so this channel has gotten more airtime at my house. So might check this out.

Holly’s World¬†(E!)
My least favorite Girl Next Door, but will check it out at least once.

Melissa & Joey (ABC FAMILY)
Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence starring together again in this sitcom. 90’s fans rejoice!

Pitchmen (Discovery)
Billy Mays’ son will take the place of Billy Mays. I doubt the show will be as entertaining, though.

Psych (USA)
This cast has great chemistry, and it’s a fun detective show that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

America’s Next Great Restaurant¬†(NBC)
Another reality competition show, but this time featuring restaurants and not just the chefs inside those restaurants. Interesting.

2010 Summer TV Premiere Schedule

Already Premiered in April:

Glee (FOX)
The Hills (MTV)
Happy Town (ABC)
Wife Swap (ABC)
Army Wives (LIFETIME)
Say Yes To The Dress (TLC)
Little People, Big World (TLC)

Already Premiered in May/June:

The Real Househives of New Jersey (Bravo)
Dudesons in America (MTV)
MTV Hired (MTV)
Friday Night Lights (NBC)
Undateable (VH1)
The Bachelorette (ABC)
Saving Grace (TNT)
So You Think You Can Dance (FOX)
100 Questions (NBC)
Mall Cops: Mall of America (TLC)
Past Life (NBC)
Cake Boss (TLC)
True Beauty (ABC)
Flashpoint (CBS)
Dad Camp (VH1)
America’s Got Talent (NBC)
Losing It With Jillian (NBC)
The Little Couple (TLC)
One Big Happy Family (TLC)
Wipeout (ABC)
Hell’s Kitchen (FOX)
Tyler Perry’s House of Payne¬†(TBS)
Are We There Yet? (TBS)
Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns¬†(TBS)
Dog The Bounty Hunter (A&E)
Billy the Exterminator (A&E)
Toddlers And Tiaras (TLC)
Tosh.0 (Comedy Central)
Ghost Hunters Academy (SYFY)
Burn Notice (USA)
Royal Pains (USA)
Drop Dead Diva (LIFETIME)
Half Pint Brawlers (SPIKE)
Ice Road Truckers (History)
Top Shot (History)
The Next Food Network Star (Food Network)
The Hard Times Of RJ Berger (MTV)
Sons of Tucson (FOX)
American Pickers (HISTORY)
Pawn Stars (HISTORY)
Last Comic Standing (NBC)
The Good Guys (FOX)
Lie to Me (FOX)
Neighbors From Hell (TBS)
Persons Unknown (NBC)
The Secret Life Of The American Teenager (ABC FAMILY)

Upcoming Summer Premieres:

Pretty Little Liars (ABC FAMILY) РTuesday, June 8, 2010

Work Of Art: The Next Great Artist (Bravo) РTuesday, June 8

The Green Room With Paul Provenza (Showtime) РThursday, June 10

Penn & Teller: Bullshit! (Showtime) – Thursday, June 10

Bethenny’s Getting Married (BRAVO) – Thursday, June 10

True Blood (HBO) – Sunday, June 13

Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami (E!) – Sunday, June 13

Holly’s World¬†(E!) – Sunday, June 13

Warren The Ape (MTV) РMonday, June 14

You’re Cut Off!¬†(VH1) – Monday, June 14

Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List (Bravo) – Tuesday, June 15

Double Exposure (Bravo) РTuesday, June 15

Top Chef D.C. (Bravo) – Wednesday, June 16

Work of Art: The Next Great Artist – Wednesday, June 16

Man vs. Food (Travel) – Wednesday, June 16

Bert the Conqueror (Travel) – Wednesday, June 16

Cupcake Wars (FOOD NETWORK) – Friday, June 18

Battle Of The Wedding Planners (TLC) – Friday, June 18

The Gates (ABC) РSunday, June 20

Leverage (TNT) – Sunday, June 20

The Real L Word (Showtime) – Sunday, June 20

Scoundrels (ABC) РSunday, June 20

HawthoRNe (TNT) – Tuesday, June 22

Memphis Beat (TNT) – Tuesday, June 22

Boston Med (ABC) РThursday, June 24

Futurama (Comedy Central) – Thursday, June 24

Rookie Blue (ABC) РThursday, June 24

Entourage (HBO) – Sunday, June 27

Hung (HBO) – Sunday, June 27

Huge (ABC Family) РMonday, June 28

Make It Or Break It (ABC Family) – Monday, June 28

Intervention (A&E) – Monday, June 28

Obsessed (A&E) – Monday, June 28

Downfall (ABC) РTuesday, June 29

Louie (F/X) РTuesday, June 29

Rescue Me (F/X) – Tuesday, June 29

Warehouse 13 (SYFY) – Tuesday, July 6

Minute To Win It (NBC) – Wednesday, July 7

Big Brother (CBS) – Thursday, July 8

Eureka (SYFY) – Friday, July 9

Haven (SYFY) РFriday, July 9

The Bridge (CBS) РSaturday, July 10

Ocho Cinco (VH1) – Sunday, July 11

The T.O. Show (VH1) – Sunday, July 11

The Glades (A&E) – Sunday, July 11

The Closer (TNT) – Monday, July 12

Rizzoli & Isles (TNT) РMonday, July 12

White Collar – Tuesday, July 13

Covert Affairs (USA) – Tuesday, July 13

The Glades (A&E) РTuesday, July 13

Warehouse 13 (SYFY) – Tuesday, July 13

Psych (USA) – Wednesday, July 14

Ghost Hunters International (SYFY) – Wednesday, July 14

Pros vs. Joes (SPIKE) – Wednesday, July 14

Mary Knows Best (SYFY) РThursday, July 15

Paranormal Investigators (SYFY) РThursday, July 15

Cupcake Dram (TLC) – Friday, July 16

Mad Men (AMC) – Sunday, July 25

My Boys (TBS) – Sunday, July 25

Masterchef  (FOX) РTuesday, July 27

Breakthrough With Tony Robbins (NBC) РTuesday, July 27

Jersey Shore (MTV) – Thursday, July 29

Rubicon (AMC) РSunday, August 1

Shaq Vs. (ABC) – Tuesday, August 3

Dark Blue (TNT) – Wednesday, August 4

The Bachelor Pad (ABC) РMonday, August 9

Dating In The Dark (ABC) – Monday, August 9

Scream Queens (VH1) – Monday, May 31

Shaq Vs. (ABC) – Tuesday, August 10

Food Trucks (FOOD NETWORK) – Sunday, August 15

Big C (SHOWTIME) РMonday, August 16

Weeds (Showtime) – Monday, August 16

Melissa & Joey (ABC FAMILY) – Tuesday, August 17

Premiering in Summer/Exact Date To Be Announced:

16 & Pregnant (MTV)

America’s Next Great Restaurant¬†(NBC)

Arranged Marriage (CBS)

Beast Legends (SYFY)

Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches (Travel)

Day One (NBC)

The Fashion Show (Bravo)

Flipping Out (Bravo)

Foods That Changed The World (FOOD NETWORK)

HGTV Design Star (HGTV)

Inside DTP (BET)

Let’s Dance¬†(ABC)

Manhattan Marriage Project With Gino Filippone (TLC)

My First Home (TLC)

Oliver Stone’s Secret History Of Ameica (SHOWTIME)

Pitchmen (Discovery)

The Rachel Zoe Project (Bravo)

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta (Bravo)

The Real Housewives Of D.C. 

Relic Quest (SYFY)

Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp (VH1)

Runnin’ Wild… From Ted Nugent (CMT)

Salvage (NBC)

Samantha Brown’s Asia¬†(Travel)

Swords: Life On The Line (Discovery)

Teen Mom (MTV)

Terriers (F/X)

Treasure Quest (Discovery)

Twist Of Kate (TLC)

The World Of Jenks (MTV)

Now we ask all of you…what will you be watching on your Summer TV Vacation?

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