NCAA News: Big 12 Pushing To Keep Conference Intact


Texas and Texas Tech both are scheduled to discuss conference alignment on Tuesday with Oklahoma discussing it Wednesday.

Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe is using finances as a focal point for trying to keep the conference together. Beebe says that a move to the Pac-10 wouldn’t assure increased revenue to the schools since part of the Pac-10 offer is a TV channel in the future that no one knows how it will turn out.

Also mentioned by the commissioner was the distrubtion of exit penalties on Nebraska and Colorado for heading to the Big Ten and Pac-10 respectively.

Beebe also pointed out that there are now only 10 teams splitting the conference’s TV deal money instead of 12, leaving more for each of the schools remaining. Beebe hopes the schools will realize they can make more money in the Big-12 and stay in conference.