Batman: Year One has a director


With Batman: Under the Red Hood due out next month, and the recent reveal that it will be followed up by Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, DC has been doing a pretty good job at keeping their direct to DVD line of animated movies on a consistent schedule, with consistent (they’re good) quality. Now, rather then break away from the past few movies in the list and handle a different character (before Under the Red Hood, they did Crisis on Two Earths, a JLA story featuring Superman and Batman prominently), they’re going old school.

They’re going Year One.

Now, this is by no means official, but it’s heavily rumored to the point where the director has even been named. Well, directors; Lauren Montgomery and Sam Liu, who last worked together co-directing Crisis on Two Earths.

Now, as the project hasn’t even been formally announced, there is no known release date, but given the frequency of releases, I’d expect to see it this time next year.

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