Bryan Danielson Notes: WWE Raw and Indies


Bryan Danielson was not mentioned at all in the script for last night’s Raw, and his name only came up during Wade Barrett’s promo which said that he’s no longer with the NXT rookies due to feeling remorse for his actions. He is, however, talking to numerous indy promotions, but is waiting for word on what he’s allowed to do before he takes bookings, according to

In a free edition of Observer Radio at, Dave Meltzer said that while he doesn’t know 100% what’s actually going on (i.e., work vs. shoot), but people in WWE were telling him that it must be a work due to the John Cena posts on Twitter, but he says these things don’t add up if it’s not real: Danielson’s friends all believe he’s been legit fired and other promotions including TNA are in contact with him. To the question asking could he have been legit fired, but back with the company in a few weeks? Meltzer says “everyone expects him to be back” and suggests one option would be for him to end up being the storyline driver of the limo last night.

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