10 Thoughts on Smackdown for 06.25.2010 – Cody Rhodes, Alberto De Rio & more

1. I’m glad Jack Swagger now has a submission move in his arsenal but I’m a bit worried if people may put him down for ‘stealing’ the ankle lock off Kurt Angle – since these two are constantly compared. Swagger needed a new move which was already really popular; the same when Angle used the ankle lock which Ken Shamrock already made popular to the WWF audience.

2.  I enjoyed the 6-man tag match this week – I really liked the tag match last week and I was glad to see it be carried over to this weeks Smackdown. It was also a bonus to finally see Kofi out of the Drew/Teddy storyline. The double plancha baseball slide spot was fantastic and reminded me of when I used to purposefully watch Smackdown just for the cruiserwights.

3. The segment with Kane backstage was really intense and enjoyable to watch except perhaps it was a bit too 50’s B movie for my liking what with the organ music in the background and the horror-movie red lights shining on to the casket.

4. The Drew McIntyre vs. Matt Hardy match was surprisingly great and by far the best meeting of the two. The action was everywhere – in the ring, outside the ring, top rope and even on those deadly steel steps. The pair actually looked as though they wanted to destroy each other.

5. Now, the whole Drew’s visa running out storyline was pretty dumb. This whole thing makes Drew look like an idiot as though he can’t even handle his business affairs correctly and with such an important thing as his visa I think he would sort it out properly. Apart from this the crowd loved the shocking news and I got a laugh out of how happy Teddy Long was delivering the news and not a depressed old man like he was last week.

6. Although Matt Striker’s commentary wasn’t anything out of the ordinary on this weeks edition of Smackdown I really enjoy his commentary style. I like how he actually knows what he is talking about. For example: instead of calling the slam off top rope Drew did in his match he called it the ‘Michinoku driver’ instead of a simple ‘a slam off top rope’ as many other commentators *cough*Michael Cole*cough* would say.

7. Oh, how brilliant and refreshing it was to see Cody Rhodes finally back on Smackdown after what has seemed forever! With his new ‘dashing’ gimmick the second-generation superstar could definitely be a big name in WWE. He cut an excellent promo which received a great deal of boo’s from the crowd. He also made a good point about his genetics, how come he didn’t seem to inherit any of his father’s looks; in fact Husky Harris looks like he should be the son of Dusty Rhodes. In the future I would like to see Chris Masters come out and go to Cody “yes, you have a good body but look at me, I am the masterpiece” – sort of like a mini Ultimate Warrior/Rick Rude feud.

8. I hope to God that Laycool don’t go down the same route with Rosa Mendes as they did with Mickie James and call her fat all the time. As the beautiful Rosa is anything but! Does McCool want all the divas to be an anorexic skeleton like her? I wish they had put some sort of effort into the divas match rather then just making Rosa look stupid – again.

9. What was the point of getting rid of Eric Escobar just to replace him with an exact replica in Alberto De Rio? Let’s just hope the nephew of Mil Mascaras has a better run then the aforementioned Escobar did and doesn’t get dropped like he did when he fought Mirko Cro Cop. Also, what type of gimmick is ‘honest man’ they are really scrapping the bottom of the gimmick barrel with this one.

10. The no DQ match main event was really good and it showed how smart the SES are with all of them (including Serena) teaming up to beat up Kane. Kane retained his ‘monster’ status in this match by over coming the 3 on 1 beat down, chasing CM Punk through the crowd and into the lobby, putting him through two tables and then eventually sending Punk running scared for his life into the night.

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