10 Thoughts on WWE Raw for 06.28.2010 feat. NXT7 Becoming The Nexus, and John Cena vs Sheamus Announced

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another 10 Thoughts for Raw! I’m back from my vacation and am full of wrestling thoughts, many of which you can read on my blog, itswilltime.wordpress.com (including random picks for the winners of each Money in the Bank Ladder Match and my best guess at who the new Raw GM could be). Now, onto tonight’s Raw.

1. As far as names for the NXT stable go, Nexus isn’t as bad as it could have been. I didn’t really like the whole “NXT7” thing, so this works for me. It’ll take some getting used to, but Nexus will roll off the tongue easily.

2. I’m really not a huge fan of John Cena in his silly role. Tonight was one of the worst. I guess they were trying to be silly, but “My life is being ruined by the Internet” was one of my least favorite promo moments of all time.

3. For once, we are seeing an organic reason to have a steel cage match. Both promotions throw them out too often (especially at TNA Lockdown) with no purpose. I’m actually excited to see this one.

4. Does anyone know what’s happening with Santion and Kozlov? More importantly, does anyone really care?

5. Nice promo from Edge that would have been more fun in the ring with Rob Zombie. I like the Raw MITB lineup. The long video with Edge winning MITB wasn’t terribly necessary, but there was nothing wrong with it either. I couldn’t pick a winner for the Raw MITB, which is a good thing.

6. I love the idea of the 450 Splash being used as a heel finisher. Justin Gabriel’s pause before he jumps off of the top rope is always a great moment. The move is flashy, but when done with nothing flashy surrounding it, it nicely fits into a heel arsenal.

7. Why did Michael Cole list multiple names for The Nexus. This whole episode of Raw has been getting the name “The Nexus” over and he undid a lot of that work just by giving them the wrong names. Beyond that, Cole actually did a really good job of recapping what just went down.

8. I like that WWE broke the pattern of having The Nexus attack at the end of the show. The attack on the middle makes the rest of the show feel like it matters just a little bit more.

9. The crowd was very excited for Randy Orton to get into the main event. I was worried that he may have become stale due to the awful build to Fatal 4-Way, but he is as over as ever.

10. The main event tag team match was really fun. I was left wondering to myself, what exactly made it a “Mega Match” and why aren’t other matches Mega? Perhaps I am reading too much into semantics though.

That’s all for me this week! Please make sure to check out my blog (itswilltime.wordpress.com) and come back to Pulse on Thursday to see a new People’s Column.

Will is a 23 year old graduate student at UC Irvine. He is going to school for Stage Management and has always been passionate about pro wrestling. He began writing "The People's Column" in 2009. In 2010 he started his own wrestling blog, which is growing at an alarming rate. He is married to a beautiful woman (pictured on his profile) who accompanies him to most wrestling events that he goes to. Will is thankful for everyone who reads and interacts with him on Pulse and on his blog.