Jim Ross Comments on Batista to MMA and Calling MMA

Here’s what he had to say at Jrsbarbq.com:

.Will JR be calling MMA any time soon. Soon? Not too likely but I would love to give it a shot if the right opportunity ever presented itself. If the opportunity ever comes along I can assure all MMA fans that I will be well prepared and ready to kick ass w/o the black hat.

On Batista in MMA: I have my doubts that Dave Batista will ever have a MMA fight but obviously that’s simply an opinion. I personally feel Dave’s upside at this stage of his game is to pursue a movie career or heal, rest and go back to WWE. Obviously, a Batista vs. Herschel Walker MMA fight would likely do a decent TV rating for CBS/Showtime simply out of curiosity. I don’t see Batista ever fighting Bobby Lashley either but that too would be a interesting TV attraction but likely would be panned by MMA purists.

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