One Year in Knoxville – June 27, 1992

The show opened with the Heavenly Bodies attacking the Fantastics in the parking lot. Cornette pulled over in a car and the Bodies climbed in as Bobby Fulton smashed the rear window.

After the opening, we joined Bob Caudle, who welcomed us to the show. As always, he was joined by Dutch Mantell.

Caudle told us that today we’d see the entire video of the attack by the Bodies. We’d also see Brian Lee and he’d be announcing his new tag team partner. We’d also see Danny Davis, Paul Orndorff, the Dirty White Boy, and the main event would see Brian Lee defending the heavyweight title against Buddy Landel.

Mantell took a moment to run down the Fantastics before announcing that Cornette and the Bodies would be on Down and Dirty with Dutch today.

We headed to the ring where Joe Cazana was waiting. The lights dimmed as the sparkler-waving Dixie Dynomite made his entrance.

The bell rang and the two locked up. Dixie backed Cazana into the corner and Cazana claimed his hair had been pulled before turning to yell at the fans.

The two locked up again and Cazana got a headlock. Dixie whipped his way free and Cazana put him down with a shoulderblock. Cazana charged across the ring and Dixie planted him with a hiptoss, then a dropkick before turning an armdrag into an armbar.

Cazana got to the ropes to force the break and told referee Mark Curtis that Dixie had pulled his tights. The two locked up again and Dixie went to an arm wringer. Cazana muscled Dixie into the ropes and then whipped him. Dixie put Cazana down with a shoulderblock and then armdragged him over.

Dixie went back to the armbar as we saw kids in the crowd wearing masks. Cazana got back to his feet and made it to the ropes. Dixie broke the hold and Cazana raked his eyes. Cazana hit a backdrop and followed up by attempting a bodyslam that Dixie escaped. Dixie nailed the Confederate Kick and covered for the win.

We came back from commercial to hear Caudle introducing a video with Brian Lee. Caudle announced that at Summer Blast Lee would be facing the DWB and Paul Orndorff.

Lee sent us to a video where Mantell was getting set to face Lee only for the DWB to nail Lee with a chair from behind. We then jumped to see another match at the Volunteer Slam where the DWB on the top and miss a headbutt. Lee covered for the win and DWB attacked him. DWB then brought a chair into the ring and attacked Lee with it.

We saw later in the night where Lee was facing Orndorff. DWB threw a set of knucks to Orndorff, who took a swing. Lee hit an atomic drop and both men went down. Bob Armstrong started to count and Lee kicked out. Orndorff pulled the international object out again and Lee caught the punch. Armstrong grabbed the knucks and called for the bell to award the match to Lee. After the match DWB and Orndorff both attacked.

We then jumped to see DWB vs. Lee. As Hector Guerrero distracted the DWB, Lee retrieved a set of knucks from DWB’s tights and nailed him with them. The bell rang and Lee kept raining down punches on DWB. Just then Paul Orndorff hit the ring and attacked Lee with a briefcase. Hector tried to fight off Orndorff and DWB took him down before tying his necktie to the top rope. DWB threw Hector over the top and both Orndorff and DWB kept attacked Lee.

Other wrestlers tried to make the save and Orndorff hit them with piledrivers before returning to the attack.

We went back to the interview. Lee ran down the list of people he’d considered and sent us to a video. A man stood there showing his right fist. The camera panned up to reveal Ronnie Garvin. Garvin said that he would come in and would take DWB and Orndorff apart. Garvin added that he was more of a master of the piledriver than Orndorff was.

Lee closed by saying that Orndorff and DWB had always operated 2 on 1. Lee said that he wanted to see DWB take a punch from Garvin and he wanted to see Orndorff take a piledriver from him. Lee closed by promising to take out DWB and Orndorff at the Summer Blast.

We came back to the commentary table where DWB, Orndorff, and Ron Wright soon came in. Wright said that it should be illegal to bring in Garvin. Orndorff then talked about how fat and old Garvin was as Wright started popping pills. DWB just laughed at Lee’s selection of Garvin. Orndorff said that Smoky Mountain just didn’t like the fact that he, DWB, and Wright were running things. DWB and Orndorff checked on Wright before the three of them returned to the back.

Caudle then introduced a tape from a show on Sunday where the Heavenly Bodies had retained the tag belts over the Fantastics.

The Bodies and Fantastics were brawling in a back hallway. Jackie grabbed a board and cracked Prichard with it as Cornette attacked. Prichard broke the board over Jackie’s head and Cornette nailed him with the racket. Jackie grabbed the racket and attacked as Prichard grabbed a ball bat. Jackie grabbed a trash can and the brawl continued.

Prichard got hit by a brook as Lane took Bobby apart. Cornette nailed Jackie in the head with a broom as Lane hit Bobby with a trash can. Cornette got nailed by a trash can and the Bodies gained the advantage. Lane threw Jackie out the back door and Cornette decided it was time to go.

The Bodies and Fantastics kept brawling as Cornette disappeared. Cornette pulled up in a car that the Bodies jumped in to. Bobby smashed the rear window with a pipe and Cornette tore out of the lot.

We came back to see Caudle joined by Bob Armstrong. Armstrong admitted that the Fantastics had gone too far and fined all five men $1500 each. Armstrong also set up a street fight match for Summer Blast where the Fantastics would have another chance at the Bodies’ belts.

We came back from commercial to join Down and Dirty with Dutch Mantell. As promised, he was joined by Cornette and the Bodies. Mantell denounced the actions of the Fantastics as Cornette showed off the bandages on Tom Prichard’s head.

Prichard called the Fantastics the criminal element of Smoky Mountain. He added that the Bodies weren’t just trying to run them out of wrestling; they were trying to keep them from working in movies either. Prichard promised that the Fantastics wouldn’t get away with their actions.

Cornette threw off his jacket and said that he knew that Jackie had wondered whether he’d survive the surgery or not. He knew that Bobby had wondered how the surgery would go. Cornette then said that they’d realized when the pipe had shattered the window they knew that the Fantastics were trying to destroy the Bodies – not just take the titles. Cornette promised that they’d make sure the Fantastics wouldn’t get a second chance to put them out because they’d take out the Fantastics first.

We came back from commercial to see Tim Horner with Caudle. Horner talked about the problems that he’d had with Buddy Landel, but he said that while he’d beaten Landel and earned the right to stay, he hadn’t punished Landel enough. Horner then said that at Summer Blast he had a strap match against Landel.

From there we headed to the ring where Paul Lee was waiting. “TNT” began playing and Danny Davis made his entrance.

Lee got in a quick Fargo strut and the bell rang. The two locked up and Davis got a waistlock and took Lee down. Lee complained Davis had pulled his hair and the two locked up again. Davis got a headlock and Lee whipped his way out. Davis got in a shoulderblock and then followed with a hiptoss. Lee protested his tights had been pulled and they locked up again.

Lee muscled Davis into the corner and started throwing chops. Davis doubled Lee over with a kick and fired some chops of his own. Davis whipped Lee and put him down with a clothesline. Davis followed with a bodyslam that got a two.

Lee punched Davis in the gut and slammed him. Lee dropped a knee and then headed up top. Davis sat up and avoided a leg drop. Davis kicked Lee down and then whipped him across the ring. Lee ran down the apron and headed up top only to get caught and thrown off. Davis hit a backdrop and then a vertical head scissors. Davis followed up with a neckbreaker and got the win.

We came back from commercial to hear a few words from Landel. Landel admitted how he’d kept Horner from becoming a tag team champion. He added that Brian Lee had more to worry about than just DWB and Orndorff. Landel blamed his earlier loss on poor health and said he felt great today.

We returned to the ring to hear “I’m Too Sexy” ushering Landel down to the ring. The music changed and the SMW champion emerged to the cheers of the crowd.

Landel checked his hair in the reflection off the belt’s plate and the bell rang. The two locked up and Landel quickly escaped a headlock and got muscled down to the mat. They locked up again and Landel got a headlock that Lee escaped and turned into an armbar.

Landel returned to his feet and they locked up again with Lee getting another headlock. Landel whipped his way free and Lee shoulderblocked him down. Another lockup saw Landel get an arm wringer. Landel took Lee down (with the help of some hair) and kept working the arm. Lee regained his feet and Landel took him down (with the hair) again two more times.

Landel put Lee in the corner and started chopping away. Lee started after Landel and the Nature Boy bailed out. The two returned to the ring and locked up again. Landel went for a bodyslam and couldn’t get Lee up. Lee got Landel up, however, and planted him.

Lee started punching Landel and whipped him across the ring. Landel stopped him with a back elbow and pulled a chain out of his tights. Tim Horner came down and seized the chain. While Landel struggled with Horner, Lee rolled Landel up for the win.

Mantell was livid on commentary as he yelled about the conspiracy against his good friend Buddy Landel. We then headed to a final commercial break.

A furious Landel was with Caudle when we came back. Landel pointed up how Horner had just cheated him out of the title and promised that he’d punish Horner for it at the Summer Blast. Caudle announced that next week we’d see Paul Orndorff and a surprise tag team before saying goodbye for another week.

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