Warren Ellis's Banned Hellblazer Story To See Print

Back during the late 90’s Warren Ellis had a brief run on Hellblazer, under DC’s Vertigo imprint. His run was cut short, however, after he penned a story called “Shoot” that was based on the school shootings that had taken place in America, and it was meant to be something of a horror story. After the story was written, but before it saw publication, the Columbine shootings happened, and everything changed. DC Publisher Paul Levitz was very clear that the story would never see print, not as any sort of problem with Ellis, but just due to the horrible timing of the story as it synced up with real world events. Ellis quit the book due to this.

The story was assumed to be the kind that would always be spoken of in hushed circles but would never see print. Sort of a lost work of the great Warren Ellis. Well, at least until now.

Ellis apparently asked someone about the story not too long ago, after Levitz stepped down as the Publisher, just to see what would happen, and they agreed to print the story.

This October DC is releasing a one-shot named Vertigo: Resurrected that will feature Ellis’s “Shoot” story among others.

Vertigo has a long history of publishing thought provoking stories that resonate whether they’re horror, crime, war, western, fantasy, urban memoir, science fiction or reality based.

So why not dig through the archives and bring some of them back? Welcome to VERTIGO RESURRECTED – a series of one-shots and specials geared to do just that-embrace history and stories that connect with the present day activities of our favorite protagonists, antagonists and creators.

“Shoot,” Warren Ellis’s much-talked about, but never published, HELLBLAZER story involving schoolyard killings leads this mega-sized VERTIGO RESURRECTION special.

Also included are rarely seen tales exploring the disturbing depths of horror, war, romance and science fiction by Brian Azzarello, Grant Morrison, Garth Ennis and artists Jim Lee, Phil Jimenez, Bernie Wrightson, and others. Cover by Tim Bradstreet.

VERTIGO RESURRECTED #1 On Sale October 20 / 96 pages / $7.99

Now is it wrong that I see Grant Morrison’s name on there and immediately want Flex Mentallo? Hopefully we’ll have some updates on this sooner than later and we can get a full listing of all the forgotten Vertigo goodness.

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