10 Thoughts Review On Brightest Day #6 By Geoff Johns And Peter Tomasi

1. Oh thank God, J’onn is leading this issue. Maybe that means a few weeks off from the Hawk’s. Last issue Deadman lead things, and this issue it seems to be J’onn. What do I mean by lead things? The story that happens throughout the issue and not just in one segment. Notice the format, you get one story spread across the issue and everything else happens during single segments between the lead ones parts. Anyway, love J’onn, and his story seems pretty interesting.

2. While Hawk and Dove served a nice purpose in the book over the last few issues allowing us to explore some of what Boston Brand can do, can they be moved back out of the book? The way things are formatted I feel kind of greedy, but I’m more interested in the characters not being featured in other titles. Though I can’t help but admit that Boston is growing on me. I mean, how long has he been dead? It looks like his quest with the ring is to rediscover just what it’s like to be alive.

3. After last issue’s Mera reveal the explanation didn’t really surprise me….at all. Though the explanation on what the Bermuda Triangle was threw me for a loop, and it was a cool little thing to add in there. I mean, of all the things you can explain, the Bermuda Triangle? That’s pretty out there, and pretty awesome. The reveal of who Siren is was also without oomph as it was relatively easy to figure out just by glancing at the character.

4. I didn’t realize that Firestorm had learned to break apart again yet, though I could easily just be forgetting. Either way, I prefer them like this, and I like the way Jason can summon Ronnie to him to become Firestorm and not just the other way around, though I do think it would be cooler if whoever initiated things got to be in the drivers seat. I also have to add that Jason is more interesting to me now then he ever was as Firestorm, as I never really became much of a fan.

5. Seeing the Still Zone again, and being reminded of Morrison and Waid on JLA was such the highlight of the issue. I had almost totally forgotten about that!

6. I still like how they spread out the artists so that everyone draws a different section and it helps maintain the individual tones of the various sections of the book, I just wish that they’d credit which artists handle which stories! I can take a few guesses, but I have no clue!

7. “Eat a Cheese-burger” gave me a lolcat moment. I am not happy about this. Someone make me an image of Boston saying “I can has cheeseburger”. SOMEBODY DO IT NOW!

8. This book feel more like 52 then Generation Lost does, and that’s a good thing. When you’ve got an ensemble cast that doesn’t work together you kinda have to do it this way, and having the formula already set up only makes it work better. They spread the love nicely amongst the various story arcs.

9. Guest Thought By Jay Galette: Who gives a fuck about Hank Hall? Honestly, since his resurrection all he’s done is run around being a jerk. We get it, you’re the big mean avatar of war. Shut the fuck up.

10. Rating: 7.5/10 Another really good issue that does plenty without really accomplishing a lot. We’re just about at the quarter point of the series, and I figure by around halfway in we’ll be getting a much clearer view of the long term outcomes of this series. And the issue ends with an apparent death of a Teen Titan that can be read about…..here.

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