10 Thoughts On WWE Superstars – 07.22.2010 feat Hart Dynasty, MVP & Natalya’s wicked clothesline

Wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do this column tonight. A monsoon got into a fight with my dish, but my dish won, so here we go!

1. In a shocking new twist, Superstars has become its own brand, and a supplemental draft took place. It acquired Yoshi Tatsu, Primo, the Dudebusters, Chris Masters, The Bellas, Jillian Hall…I’m being completely facetious, of course. But it sure seems like it, sometimes.

2. MVP has been pushed and depushed more than an unborn child. One minute he’s the number one contender for the US Championship, then he’s jobbing, then he’s going for the tag belts with Mark Henry, then he’s jobbing, then he becomes a pro on NXT, then he’s jobbing. Fortunately, he picked up the win tonight for himself and Masters.

3. The Dudebusters are one of the few legit tag teams in the WWE right now. Why don’t we have The Hart Dynasty appear on both shows, feud with the Usos on Raw and the Dudebusters on Smackdown. Maybe they can rub off on both teams, considering they’re still fairly fresh. On a side note: maybe Croft and Baretta can spend a little less time picking out new tights, and a lot more time rehearsing.

4. Was the Chavo/JTG match so spectacular last week that we deserve to watch a rematch? They kept saying how much JTG studied the previous match and that he had “found something” that would aid him in victory. This became moot, when he lost fair and square.

5. So the WWE is going to China for the first time. That should be a lot more interesting than it is.

6. The Nexus recaps bring endless joy to my heart.

7. Primo seems more comfortable as a heel than he was previously. It suits him. He and Yoshi are doing everything right–pop-worthy spots, a lovable hero, a hated fiend, and a strong finish–but it just does nothing for me.

8. Not sure how I feel about Team Nexus vs Team Cena. It should be a really fun match (despite the inevitable Cena victory), but I don’t understand his team. The Great Khali and R-Truth? And it just doesn’t seem right that Edge and Jericho are his team mates. Nexus attacked them too, but five minutes ago they were in a heavy feud with John for the title. What do you think?

9. Jimmy is definitely the more talented of the two. Jey needs a little work with selling the moves, he looked a bit silly. But Jimmy looked comfortable and dominant. (A big thank you to the announcers clarifying who was who!)

10. When I first saw Tyson Kidd, he reminded me of a fetus and he frightened me. But I have completely warmed up to him in the past few months. He and DH are such polar opposites, but they bring everything they should to the table. Not to mention, I about fell over when Tyson not only went for the Hart Attack, but drop kicked Jimmy at the same time. Those boys can put on a show. And not just the boys, Natalya laid down a clothesline that nearly killed Tamina. Is it too much to ask to want to see them in (real) singles action?

Two steps forward, ten steps back. This episode was definitely a Boys Club…I never thought I’d miss Diva action. There was nothing particularly off or terrible about the show; the matches were actually pretty good. I just want some variety. Superstars is not, in fact, its own brand, so why do I feel like they pretty much have a roster?

I’ll be back next week, to no doubt report on some of the same matches. Until then, you can find me on Twitter. @KELLYFLOYDBRAND

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