IP Sports Baseball Deadline Roundtable: Roy Oswalt

Will Roy Oswalt be traded and what should the Astros be asking for?

Trent: In all honesty, given his results this season, I don’t imagine him going anywhere within the division and probably won’t be moved unless the Astros either help pay part of the salary and take a couple of prospects or just dump his salary for a couple of players that don’t really do them any good. If they are looking to get rid of his salary and take 3-4 prospects, they’ll be sitting a mighty long time waiting for that phone to ring.

There was some interest from St. Louis earlier but, if they had wanted him, he would have needed to show that his 6-12 record is more reflective of the complete and utter lack of offense, which for the most part is true, but there have been enough shaky outings that teams might have reservations, especially as his NL Central numbers aren’t exactly flattering (4-4, 4 quality starts).

A bit more concerning is the fact that his numbers against Cincinnati have also not been stellar of late, considering the hoodoo he once held over them. He’s lost 5 of his last 6 against the Reds and, considering that is the team the Cardinals are trying to fend off for the NL Central, they need the assurance that if he gets the call against their neck and neck opponents that he’s not going to falter again, such as in his last outing (5 IP, 6 ER, 3 K).

Eugene: You’ll love this then…Jim Hayes of FSN Midwest reported this morning on STL radio that the Reds are looking into acquiring Oswalt. They have the payroll flexibility and the prospects. I would imagine a deal would start with Yonder Alonso and include at least 2 pitching prospects and another fielder.

The Dodgers and Phillies are considered in the lead right now, with the Cardinals and Rangers watching what’s going on. That’s also with Oswalt saying he won’t play for Philadelphia, either New York team, and Boston.

The Astros are crazy to think that a team will take the full salary and give up the players they are requesting. I just don’t think a deal will be done by the deadline. The Astros are in a position that they could deal him in August, since most teams won’t block a waiver claim with the amount of money involved.

Trent:I don’t buy that for a second. Given that Harang, Bailey, Maloney and LeCure are sitting in Triple A right now along with Isringhaussen and Springer is a good sign that they have what they want and don’t need another pitcher. They’d be crazy to add a huge salary like that and give up arms they could use to acquire something much, much better than Oswalt. For once, depth is not an issue at any point for the Reds at any position.

Personally, it sounds like the Midwest guys want there to be a panic in St. Louis about Oswalt and the Reds because, hey, they are the Reds after all. What are they doing in contention still, right?

Eugene: I think this is more from Houston than St. Louis. I think Houston is starting rumors to get a return larger.

Daniels: I’m holding out hope that Omar Minaya is playing his patented “wait until the last second, see if the Astros panic, and offer a good but not killer package”. If Oswalt won’t play on the East Coast then F-him, he’s a pansy.

Alex: I do think Roy Oswalt will be traded. With the Astros as abysmal as they are, he is not helping them at this time and they are only hurting his numbers. In addition, he has made it public that he wants to be traded – to not be traded would be detrimental to his career and his overall performance. Thinking from the Astros’ brass’ point of view, I think it’d be wise to dump him for some good prospects with which the team can be rebuilt later on.

Eugene: And it appears Oswalt will be a Phillie, if he approves it. The deal is in place and they are waiting on his approval.

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