Psych-Episode 5-6 Review

Hey everyone, sorry I have not posted a review in a while. I’ve been spending the last few weeks moving into college and haven’t even been able to watch the last few episodes until tonight. Since it’s been to long to bother writing about the oldest episodes, I’m just gonna write about last week’s.

Last week’s episode was titled “Viagra Falls”, a name only Psych would come up with. The case involved Henry’s old police chief being murdered and him calling in their former best detectives named Boone and Peters to assist with the case.

Flashback: We flash backed to when Henry was still a detective on the force. While working on the case he failed to catch the partner of the perp so the chief reassigned the case to Boone and Peters. This flashback was also missing Shawn and Gus entirely, which makes it pretty unique.

The current case is of course similar to the one they were working in the flashback. When Shawn does his thing, Peters quickly points out that whoever killed their old chief had an accomplice.

Peters and Boone gave us a glimpse into the future Shawn and Gus, although I really hope Gus doesn’t start taking off his show and throwing it at people who irritate him.  They shared a handshake, drove a sweet ride, and tried to show off. Just like our boys. Luckily they managed to settle their differences and work together or else this case might never have been solved.

Like usual for this season, the police have had basically nothing to do with solving the case. I think they are severally underused this season and that disappointments me because Lassiter is one of my favorite characters. I guess I would sit in an office all day too if I still got all the credit for solving a case even though my consultants did the work for me.

Favorite quote. Peters: How you know she was lying? Shawn: Because I have this (fingers to head) Gus: How did you guys know? Peters and Boone: She’s a women

So where was the pineapple? I could not find this one but according to USA’s website it was on a speedo that Gus was holding. Others have mentioned there is also a pineapple garnish on the drink Boone has in the Dollhouse nightclub.

Coming up: On this week’s episode Shawn and Gus are involved in a hostage situation on a boat. It sounds like a good story but a little too similar to Gus Walks into a Bank. I’m excited that Chi McBride is guest starting in this one, I’m still sad Pushing Daisies was canceled last year.


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