10 Thoughts on WWE NXT: 08.31.2010 – Season 2 Finale, Michael McGuillicutty, Alex Riley

1. The video package at the beginning lacked drama. I think it was the music in the background. It needed to pack more punch.

2. I was happy to see McGuillicutty bust out the Perfect plex, but in all honesty he needs a different move so that he can become his own man.

3. I really hope that Riley’s winning the triple threat isn’t an indication that he’s going to win the show. After all the hype Cole gives him and the Miz in the booth it would really sour me on the show.

4. Goldust as a pro for season 3? Oh yeah, that works for me. They really should’ve had him as Percy Watson’s pro for this season but I guess they didn’t want two of Dusty’s boys together.

5. The finale really needed some Husky Harris. Some of his promos may come off awkward, but when he talks you want to listen.

6. An all diva NXT? Are you kidding me? I mean, it makes sense because they’ve got two full seasons of rookies so doing a complete third season would bloat the roster, but I’m not thrilled about watching a season of nothing but divas. If this was Japanese women’s wrestling we were getting I’d be down for that, but watching tons of WWE diva matches is going to get old fast.

7. With the Chinese market ripe for a wrestling explosion, it makes me wonder how soon it will be until the WWE decides to stage a WrestleMania there (or in Japan). We’re bound to get a non-North American WrestleMania at some point, its just a question of where it is going to be held.

8. It’s good to see Kaval given the victory on the show, I’m sure the Internet will be pleased. He really got better on the mic as the season progressed and did the most in the ring to make himself unique.

9. The beatdown at the end of the show was interesting, where all the rookies turned into Nexus 2.0 and gave Kaval all of their finishers. I wonder if this will lead anywhere on Smackdown! (since Raw has their own Nexus invasion).

10. Cole’s commentary is just weird. He rails against Kaval as an Internet darling for the last several weeks and acts concerned when he gets beaten down?

Check back in a few days for my final recap of the 1995 season of Monday Night Raw!

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