J.R. Blogs on Sgt. Slaughter’s Health, Kaval, Live Smackdown & More

Lots of great Friday night goodness from Jim Ross, both on his BBQ blog and WWE.com.

On Sgt. Slaughter’s health:
“After our Legends of Wrestling Roundtable taping on Wednesday night Sgt Slaughter was hospitalized in Stamford after becoming ‘light headed.’ The cause of Sarge’s discomfort was low blood level which was addressed and he should be good to go as I write this. Sarge was in great spirits Wednesday night after receiving medical care but was kept overnight for observation which is the norm for a matter such as this. Bottom line is that the WWE Hall of Famer will be fine after a few scary moments.”

On a live Smackdown:
“Others have asked if WWE would do better if Friday Night Smackdown was always a ‘live’ show. I don’t have a definitive answer but my thoughts are probably not. This assumption is based on the fact that too much credence is put on internet ‘spoiler’ information making the viewing decision for the fan. I think that the internet, although a vital aspect of information flow, still has such a small audience when compared to the entire TV universe that it has minimal affect to the casual, TV viewer. If the programming is compelling and episodically produced, folks will do all they can to either watch it as it airs or via DVR, etc.”

On Kaval:
“Too much is made of Kaval’s size, or lack thereof, and those that harp about a wrestler’s lack of size and who seem to always hang their hat on the size of the dog in the fight usually haven’t had their butts kicked by a smaller guy.”

On the state of Nexus:
“Many obsessed fans put too much emphasis on wins and losses. It’s all about quality wins and avoiding a string of losses that buys the groceries. Too bad that Skip Sheffield got injured but if, and they most likely will, Nexus thrives while Sheffield is gone then think of how imposing that the faction will be when their strongest member returns.”

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