10 Thoughts on WWE NXT: 09.07.2010 – Season 3 Kickoff, Naomi, Goldust, Maxine

1. So the divas aren’t wild and young, eh? I guess that doesn’t fit within the WWE’s-PG imagine. I can’t say I like this song, it’s not catchy at all and I’m not a fan of the techno stuff.

2. I loved Josh Matthews searching for the right word when trying to summarize what this season would be like. He had a decent pause before saying “entertaining.” Maybe from a car crash perspective.

3. Listen to that pop for Goldust. The crowd could care less about the other 4 divas, but when Goldust’s music hit the crowd definitely woke up. This guy needs to be more than jobber material.

4. What’s funny is that they reportedly kicked Aloisia off the show because she had been doing some adult pictures and that wasn’t family friendly. However, according to the WWE’s own memos they are looking for divas to pose for Playboy. Since when is Playboy family friendly?

5. If the opening segment was anything, this is going to make the Diva Searches we used to have to watch look like WrestleMania X-7. Thank God this season is abbreviated. Of all the diva rookies, Naomi is the only one that sounded good on the mic.

6. The line that always gets a laugh out of me on the Legendary trailers is the reviewer who says “Great acting from John Cena.” In fairness, it looks like a decent movie and Cena seems well suited for the role he’s playing.

7. I’m speechless after the dancing segment…just…speechless. Maxine’s dancing definitely wasn’t PG.

8. Naomi’s tights were giving me a Koko B. Ware/High Energy vibe.

9. It’s terrible that Naomi and Maxine thought the match was still going on after the three count. I’m surprised that the WWE didn’t edit that out before they put this on the air. I guess we can call this car crash moment #1 of this third season.

10. Someone must have been watching Double Dare when designing this week’s diva flag challenge.

10 (+1). I demand more Goldust segments. He’s about the only positive thing on this season’s show so they need to utilize him. Then again, they might be concerned he’d take over the show and overshadow their prized rookie divas.

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