The Gold Standard: Joe Quesada; Making The World A Dumber Place

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Yesterday Joe Quesada did an interview with Comicbookresources about all things Spider-Man from One More Day to One Moment in Time, and I’ll be honest. I didn’t read it. I saw he did it, remembered the anger both the stories filled me with, and moved on with my life.

And then I was shown the quote.

“MJ unknowingly beat Mephisto at his own game. By agreeing to MJ’s terms, Mephisto has actually wiped himself from ever having been involved in their lives. In fact, looking at it linearly, those four issues never happened. Along with the wedding, ‘One More Day’ and Mephisto have been wiped out of continuity and Peter and MJ never made that bargain. … Ooooooh, me hears something breaking.”

So the point of One More Day is that it’s a paradox of a story with no way out. MJ makes the deal with Mephisto and all of the sudden there’s no way that the deal could be made, and thus no deal was made. And yet, with no deal, they should be married…but aren’t. Congrats, Joe, you’ve used asshole logic to explain why they aren’t getting back together.

To clarify, I’m not calling Joe Quesada (I’m not going to dare say “you” because if Joe Quesada were actually reading this little blog I’d actually feel honored that such an important figure in comics was reading me….then again, I’m honored any time I find out a creator is reading me) an asshole, I’m saying creating paradoxes for the sake of stories like this makes me want to smash.

It’s not the internet breaking, it’s logic breaking. It’s carving the square peg down to work it into the triangle hole, yes, it fits, but only because you cut it up beforehand. And in this case, the end result of Joe Quesada on Spider-Man is an arc that forever altered twenty years of books, and a second arc to more or less explain that…..the first never happened. That’s his contribution, One Moment In Time erasing One More Day while keeping all of its aftermath.

I’m sorry, but that’s….not a good thing.

I’m not even saying that we need the Spider marriage, I mean, I don’t read the book anymore, but I’m coming at this with an open mind. You got rid of Peter and MJ being married, you did that, but now you’re wiping the arc where it happened out of continuity along with the wedding and many other stories, and instead slipping One Moment In Time into their places to fill the gaps. It’s a four issue retcon bomb. The fact that you wrote a story that needed a four issue retcon bomb….I don’t know what else to say.

For once, I just don’t know what to say.

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