The Big Orange Guy’s Top 5 – Dumbest Sports Sex Scandals

I am sitting here watching television as the New York Jets are about to host the Minnesota Vikings.  The commentators are talking about Randy Moss and his trade to the Vikings.  There is conversation about Santonio Holmes and his return to the NFL and about Darrelle Revis playing again tonight.  However, the big story tonight is Brett Favre.  It is not about his ability to throw touchdowns or his return to play against a team he once played with.  The talk is about Brett’s sending “interesting” texts and photos to a sideline reporter for the Jets.   This is just what we need, another scandal from a superstar.  I do not understand how people in the public’s eye can sometimes do things that are not so smart.  So, tonight I wanted to take a look at some “not-so-smart” things that professional athletes have done in the past.  So, this week’s Top 5 is The Top 5 Dumbest Sports Sex Scandals.

#5 Eugene Robinson – Atlanta Falcons

On the day before Super Bowl XXXIII, Eugene Robinson won the National Football League’s Bart Starr Award that honors the NFL player who best exemplifies outstanding character and leadership in the home, on the field and in the community.  Funny thing, when you look at the website for the Bart Starr Award( ) you do not see Robinson’s name.   After winning the award and on the night before the Super Bowl, Robinson was arrested for solicitation of a prostitute.  He approached an undercover cop and was arrested.  He was released before the game, but was allowed to play.  Needless to say, he played poorly as the Falcons lost 34-19.

#4 Steve Phillips – ESPN Analyst

In 2009, it was reported that Phillips had an affair with a 22-year-old staffer with ESPN.  Because of the investigations that ensued, Phillips was fired from his position on ESPN.  It should not have been such a surprise to ESPN, Phillips friends and family and anyone else in the sports business.  In 1998, Phillips had to take a small leave of absence because of allegations of sexual harassment.  He admitted to an affair and apologized to everyone for his indiscretion.  In 2009, he apologized again and went for help.  So, he almost lost a job as a general manager and did lose a job with ESPN for not being intelligent.

#3 Greg Oden – Portland Trailblazers

Look, everyone is allowed to do what they want in their own private homes.  However, one lesson you should know is never send pictures out to people unless you want them on the internet.  Oden, while dating a lady, took pictures of himself (certain parts of himself) and sent them to her.  When they split up, those pictures ended up on the internet.   The pictures were so famous that Seth Meyers, host of the 2010 ESPYs said this about that epic record setting tennis match, “That match was so long Greg Oden took a picture of it and sent it to his girlfriend”.  So we all know the rule, send nothing to anyone you would not on the internet.

#2 Chipper Jones – Atlanta Braves

I did not ever hear about this one until I did some research for this article.  While married, Chipper had an affair with a Hooters waitress that resulted in the birth of a baby boy.  After the affair became public, Jones had to have a press conference and apologize to everyone for his mistake.  He ended up marrying the Hooters girl and they have had a good life together.  However, Chipper, the All-American was telling kids to do the right thing and be the best that they can be.  He had to change his tone and change his ways.

#1 – Kazuhito Tadano – Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters/Cleveland Indians

Okay.  Because of decorum I will not get into this story.  Copy and paste his name into your internet browser and take a look.  Without getting too specific, Tadano was considered a top prospect for the Japanese baseball league in 2002.  He went undrafted.  He had to leave Japan due to a scandal.  He was signed by the Indians and made his debut in 2004.  However, at a press conference Tadano was quoted as saying, I was young, playing baseball, and going to college and my teammates and I needed money”.  Yeah.  I have needed money.   I never did that.  Have fun with your Google search!

There you go folks.  Now, you can always add Tiger Woods to this list because he cost his career.  You can add the Yankees pitchers who exchanges wives and families to this list because of how bizarre it is.  However, I like these five because of the strangeness of some and dumbness of the others.  In any case, feel free to have fun with this list

That is all for this week.  Have a great week.  See you on the other side.