NYCC Marvel Video Game Panel

I was at the Marvel Video Game Panel at New York Comic Con this weekend, and wanted to post a few of the things that came up.

The Panel was run by TQ Jefferson, Director of Games for Marvel.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

  • The reason they used some new villains like Doctor Octopus 2099 and Noir Hammerhead was because they wanted to provide some surprises for gamers.
  • If they had more time and resources, they would have loved to use Venom 2099, Thanatos, Tri-Sentinel, Chameleon, Lizard, Rhino, Morlun, Black Cat, a Noir Kraven, several alternate versions of Vulture.
  • They can’t be specific about a sequel, but they really would like to do one.
  • Yes, there will be DLC. Cosmic costumes will be available to everyone by the end of October.

Superhero Squad – Infinity Gauntlet

  • Coming November 2010
  • It is being made by a different studio than the first SHS game.
  • It made sense to expand to PS3 and Xbox360 this time. The game will be the same on all systems, though PS3 and Xbox360 will have some graphical updates and DLC.
  • More puzzles in this one. Streamlined the combat system. Each character will have a “puzzle power.”
  • Improved the camera this time. “Co-Opt will actually be viable this time!” Two – four players on screen at all time.
  • Story is a play on the Infinity Gauntlet story. It starts with a shopping trip. It will have a lot of jokes, but will be a story of betrayal and redemption.
  • Said it is like Infinity Gauntlet meets “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World!” Thanos, Nebula, Loki, Enchantress, Super Skrull will all be trtyng to get the gems. Annihilus and Galactus were also mentioned.
  • Great voice cast! Jane Lynch (Daphne from Frasier) will be Nebula. Mark Hammill as Red Skull. George Takei as Galactus (he also did the role in the cartoon).
  • The game will have a 4 player challenge mode, with 6 maps and 30 modes of play.
  • The game is designed so kids will have fun playing it, but adults can enjoy and play along with their kids.

Superhero Squad Online

  • I actually got to play this hands on at the Marvel booth, and had a ton of fun with it.
  • Coming 2011.
  • Game will have a huge cast. They are aiming to get as many original characters as they can in the game. They promised Squirrel Girl will be in it.
  • Variety of play. Cooperative 4 player beat em up mode. A collectible card game for PVP with over 600 cards. A HQ you can customize.
  • The game will be completely free to play!
  • Various alternate costumes. They showed Scarlet Spider, Spider-Man Black Costume, Planet Hulk, Red Hulk, War Machine, Hulkbuster Iron Man.
  • Also showed some of the characters who will be in the game, including Deadpool, Blade, Bullseye, Reptil, Spider-Girl, and Shadowcat.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3

  • Spring 2011
  • Showed video of MODOK and Magneto.
  • MODOK was including because they wanted to make the game as fun and creative as possible, and they saw a lot of originality there.
  • Magneto’s finishers looked gorgeous!
  • Producer Ryota Niitsuma was there, and said his favorite character to work on was Deadpool, though he took 3 times longer to create than any other character in the game.
  • There will be 30 different character endings in the game. They included as many characters as possible for cameos, including Mojo, Ghost Rider, Blade, and Kingpin.
  • The plot of the game will be Doom and Wesker teaming up to take over both worlds, but they unleash a bigger, unexpected threat.

Thor: God of Thunder

  • Summer 2011
  • Showed a teaser. Not much to it. They will be doing a big public unveiling of more footage in December.
  • Surtir, Ymir, Ulik are all in the game.
  • Loki plays major part in story.
  • Set in movie continuity, but seems like it will be an original story.

Captain America: Super Soldier

  • 2011
  • Shield will be used close and long range, offensive and defensively. Also can deflect bullets, and will be used in platforming.
  • Christos Gage said that he enjoyed writing the game, as he got to work on a young, inexperienced Captain America.
  • Like Thor, it will be set in movie continuity, but seems like it will be an original story. Red Skull, Arnin Zola, Stryker, Madame Hydra, Iron Cross will all be featured.
  • You will only play as Cap, though there will be allied characters.
  • They hinted at an unexpected character who will be neither a hero nor villain (Wolverine?)

X-Men: Destiny

  • Showed teaser, but didn’t have much new to say.
  • Mike Carey promised that the game will bring as many characters as possible onto stage.
  • Thematically, this is very much an X-Men game, dealing with how getting powers can be a nightmare, and finding a place where you belong.
  • I was really disappointed. This was the game I went to this panel to find out more about, and got just about nothing.


  • Announced it will be available for X-Box Live and Playstation Network.
  • 6 player online drop in/drop out multiplayer.
  • Adjustable difficulty levels.
  • Will not update graphics or sound. I am VERY happy about this. Leave the classics as they are!

All in all, this was a great panel, though I was disappointed on how little they were able to say about Thor and X-Men: Destiny.

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