10 Thoughts on The Thanos Imperative #5 of 6 by Abnett, Lanning and Miguel Sepulveda (Review)

The Thanos Imperative #5

Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning

Art by Miguel Sepulveda

1. Abnett and Lanning continue their next space epic as the Cancer-verse Mar-Vell goes after Thanos and the Guardians, while Nova and the major space races decide their course of action.

2. The Guardians absolutely wrecking the Revengers (Cancer-Avengers) is awesome, as is that the Scarlett Witch is a traitor in this universe too, except now a traitor to be a hero.

3.  Peter Quill spends most of the issue being ignored as a leader, but this is still his plan and his show.  His video message to Nova is excellent as we learn that it’s time for he and his friend to face all odds again, just like Annihilation.  I expect Adam Warlock to show up soon, too.

4. Quasar’s construct of Captain America’s shield to protect the heroes from the explosion of last issue is a nice touch for a guy that idolized Cap.

5. The space races deciding to stand and fight is logical.  They followed Nova, but they are each responsible for a people and will fight to protect them.  Surfer and Beta Ray Bill are the only two I don’t buy entirely sitting this out, but they barely know Nova and so can conceivably not listen.

6. The art and especially the coloring for all of these space battles remains top notch and nowhere else in comics do we get action this vivid.

7. Quasar technically should be way way too powerful to need the Nova-force, but it surely can’t hurt as he’s more viable with it than all the rookies that make up the Nova-corps currently.

8. Where are the rest of the Guardians besides Major Victory?

9. Thanos begging Mar-Vell to kill him as the ultimate betrayal to close the issue is amazingly in character and one of the best comics moments of the year.

10. <b>Rating: 9/10</b> – This is about as good as cosmic superheroics get, with excellent characterization and a growing sensation of impending doom as the heroes last hope is snuffed out by a betrayal… but at least Nova is coming.  If there’s a way, he’ll find it.  This is a great story.

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