People’s Column: Random Thoughts + WWE Bragging Rights Predictions

Here we go again with another week of thoughts. Thanks once again to everyone who has helped make my Sunday thoughts the most popular feature on my blog. I appreciate everyone’s time and feedback. Once again, in case you didn’t know this content is from my blog, I recommend you check it out and tell me what you think.

Now, on with the thoughts.

– WWE Bragging Rights is tonight. I could not imagine a worse time to have a PPV, with the UFC event last night and the Packers – Vikings NFL matchup on NBC tonight.

– Can WWE even secure 100,000 buys for this event?

– I have to wonder if Pay Per View business as we know it will even exist in five years. With so many streaming options and with advertising revenue often seeming to be more important than buys, will big pay per view cards still exist?

– Could this be an area where TNA is actually at the forefront of the business by eliminating PPVs?

– With the expected million-plus buys UFC is expected to do, how does WWE not look at their own formula for promoting PPVs and realize how flawed it is?

– I still have a bad taste in my mouth from Raw this week. It just was not a good show.

– Will Daniel Bryan become a dancing joke of a character? I hope that was just a one night only event.

– Gail Kim does not know how to throw a bucket of glitter. That completely explains the lack of push she has been given since her return to WWE.

– Do you believe that it is better to be in a company that will use you well and pay you poorly or a company that will pay you well and use you poorly? I wonder if Gail Kim misses being the spotlight player in TNA.

– Goldust is in a career resurgence. I love his Final Cut suplex. I have a ton of respect for the golden one raising his game this late in his career.

– Ted Dibiase Jr. needs some serious help. He is going nowhere fast and it is not a pretty situation. I wonder what it is that is missing from his character.

– Cody Rhodes, on the other hand, while being stuck in the tag team division again, is having a really great run as “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. I have to wonder how such a bad looking dude gets over as good looking

– I hope that once Bragging Rights is over we get to see Edge in a meaningful feud. I believe he is being groomed to take over the number one role on Smackdown and I believe he is actually ready to do so this time.

– So are Husky Harris and Michael McGuilicutty in The Nexus? Harris should definitely be. That guy to too good and too unique not to be featured prominently.

– Why is Darren Young still hanging out? If they were using him, it would be great. They aren’t using him though. He just randomly appears on Superstars on occasion.

– I don’t care what anyone says, I love Jack Swagger’s Eagle. That thing is hilarious. The comedy may be taking away from the Swagger character overall, but at the moment it is worth it. The short term gain of laughing my head off at the eagle is totally worth it.

– Santino should not be doing the cobra to anyone but mascots.

– Michael Cole is actually starting to entertain me on Smackdown. He is not doing straight play by play, but he is not doing color either. It’s a nice hybrid that is not as annoying as his Raw announcing.

– For those of you who said WWE should have Joey Style broadcasting again, I suggest you listen to his announcing on Raw and WWECW. He was not what we all remember him to be from ECW. Joey is best staying at and not announcing in a way that makes him unhappy.

– Huge shock to see Brock Lesnar lose last night. I figured he would beat Cain in about three rounds, but alas it was not to be. It’ll be interesting to see where Lesnar goes from here. A rematch with Shane Carwin for the No. 1 contender spot seems on the horizon.

– I’m still enjoying Jeff Hardy doing the “Anti-Christ of Pro Wrestling” gimmick. I don’t need to hear him say his words are biblical every time, but the gimmick itself is working well.

– I can’t wait to see what kind of heat Hardy can get outside the Impact Zone if he continues down this road.

– Are Dixie Carter’s tweets part of the TNA storyline or not?

– Are tweets from any wrestler part of a storyline or not? Every wrestler needs to get together and decide this, because the current system of kayfabe sometimes, but not always is weird.

– Why does TNA’s website say that Mr Anderson is challenging Jeff Hardy for the TNA Championship when Anderson lost his match to earn that right on Thursday?

– TNA’s Reaction show was very interesting this week. I recommend you check it out, especially if you’re confused about the “They” reveal. Sure, it is not all tied up perfectly, but the effort impressed me.

– Will TNA add anyone to Immortal? Aren’t all the stars big enough to be in that group needed for the babyface team to oppose that group?

– At the moment, it seems that only Rob Van Dam, Mr Anderson and Samoa Joe will be opposing them. These men don’t even get along. This may not go well for the babyfaces.

– Wasn’t the ultimate problem with the Main Event Mafia the complete lack of unified babyfaces to be put over by MEM? Will TNA history repeat itself?

WWE Bragging Rights Predictions
– Bragging Rights Elimination Match: Team Raw vs Team Smackdown: I question the logic of having a big tag team elimination match right before Survivor Series. I wonder why this match is not just the story for Survivor Series every year. WWE seems keen on pushing The Miz as the big rising star. I’m surprised to see him as captain over wrestlers like CM Punk and Sheamus. This will be another moment for The Miz, as he will win this matchup and bring the horrid looking trophy over to Raw. Team Raw wins.

– WWE Championship Match: Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett (with John Cena): This match has had some great buildup, aside from the fact that hardly any of it featured Randy Orton. Even though this is the main story on Raw at this moment, the WWE Champion has hardly been featured. I see this going two ways, either Cena interferes and costs Orton the championship or he interferes and causes Wade Barrett to lose by accident. I’ll go out on a limb and say that Cena costs Randy Orton the WWE Championship and Wade Barrett becomes WWE Champion in his rookie year.

– World Heavyweight Championship Match: Buried Alive: Kane vs The Undertaker: Buried Alive matches are not entertaining. I have not missed them since the last one in 2003. Has Undertaker ever even won a Buried Alive match? This is one of my least favorite concepts for a match, but I do hope it is entertaining. Anything has to be better than the Hell in a Cell match these two had earlier this month. I’ll pick Undertaker to lose this one and take some time off to heal. Hopefully he does not return and feud with Kane some more, since these two men never need to wrestle each other again.

– Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan: This match is my pick for the show-stealer, which shouldn’t shock anyone. Ziggler has shown this year that he can have some great matches with guys like Kofi Kingston. Daniel Bryan is an amazing athlete and one of the best bell to bell wrestlers in the world. If the two of them get over 12 minutes, this match will be one of the best undercard matches this year. This is a tough match to pick, since both men need to look like strong champions. I’ll say that Daniel Bryan wins after Vickie’s interference goes wrong and Ziggler taps to the LeBell lock.

– Unified Diva’s Championship: Layla vs Natalya – I really wish there was a reason to care about this one. The two of them are fine wrestlers, with Natalya actually being great. I just do not think WWE presents woman’s wrestling in a serious enough way for anyone to pay attention to it. I don’t think this is Natalya’s moment, so Layla wins.

Those are my thoughts and predictions this week folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them. If you’ve made it this far, please let me know your favorite Edge match or moment throughout his career. Have a pleasant Bragging Rights evening.

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