13 Best Monsters in Wrestling History

Come celebrate Halloween with 13 of the best monsters in wrestling! Plenty of video is within, as well

13. The Road Warriors – Two big, scary biker dudes, they were just dangerous ass kickers who wrecked absolutely everyone, notably in the AWA and WCW. Sure, they kicked ass in WWF, but they never did anything like this brutal beating of Sting.

12. Kane – When he first debuted as a giant in a full bodysuit trying to burn everyone, Kane was legitimately intimidating. That he made the Undertaker quake in his boots really put him over. Don’t let his current situation with a terrible feud make you forget what a convincing monster the Big Red Machine used to be. Here’s his original debut:

11. Kamala – While a comedic presence in WWE, the Ugandan Giant was a frightening force throughout the territories and the one giant who could effectively mix being a monster heel with southern heel antics.

10. Nikita Koloff – The Russian Nightmare was the perfect monster foreigner. The evil Russian archetype carried out to the nth degree, Nikita was a giant, physically imposing beast who wanted nothing more than to crush the American way of life, whether that meant destroying “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes or the NWA’s great hope, Magnum TA.

9. Jake Roberts – Jake is our first psychologically creepy guy on the list. Utilizing a natural fear of snakes, Jake was perfectly willing to psychologically abuse his opponents before exposing them to their greatest fear, notably mentally assaulting Randy Savage after his marriage to Elizabeth and torturing her emotionally.

8. Stan Hansen – Stan was a big old monster heel who was a scary, tough man. Biggest reason he was so frightening? He was partially blind so he’d legitimately mess people up throwing his Western Lariat with extreme force. He’s also probably the best worker on the list, with numerous clashes with Japan’s major face heroes as the invading monster.

7. Raven – Raven is another psychological bad guy, but he went after families and loved ones, taking horror to an emotional place for guys like Tommy Dreamer and Sandman. Given their feud, it’s absurd that either man would ever work with Raven again, as Raven turned Sandman’s wife and son on him.

6. Bruiser Brody – Bruiser was frightening in front of and behind the scenes. He was a giant, snorting badass in front of the cameras, and behind the scenes he refused to job and was so tough he’d just beat on whoever he wanted in the ring without fear of repercussion. He even reportedly pinned Flair post-bell and left with the NWA Title once in St. Louis. This was one bully no one messed with man to man.

5. Mankind/Cactus Jack – The crazy faces of Foley were impressive because of how much he’d hurt himself to get over that he’s a crazy bastard who would hurt you!

4. Vader – WCW and Japan’s ultimate monster heel, Vader is the man who put his eye back in his socket after it was knocked out. That’s even scarier than that crazy mask he used to emerge in!

3. Kevin Sullivan – Sullivan should be the least intimidating bad-guy ever, as a short hairy man, and were we just looking at his WCW Dungeon of Doom days against Hogan, he’d be at the bottom of the list, but in Florida, he actually convinced the natives he was a devil worshiper and was legitimately feared. That bit of awesome makes him the only man on the list to actually freak out the adults in attendance!

2. Undertaker – You know about the Undertaker, so I won’t patronize you. Here’s a cool entrance for the Deadman.

1. Abdullah the Butcher – Abdullah for 30 years has been cutting up people during matches and is more a horror movie villain than a wrestler. This madman has been in the most epic bloodbaths ever… and is still going at nearly 70-years-old today.

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