Chris Jericho Discusses WWE Return, NXT Rookies, TNA, John Cena & More

Word going around is that if Chris Jericho returns to WWE, it will not be until after the holidays. He does have Fozzy and book tours set in February and March, so a WrestleMania 27 return is possible, but not definite.

Jericho made his first post-WWE public appearance for a recent Q&A at Ringsidefest 2010 in New York City.

If he had to wear someone else’s gear, who would it be. He feels the Undertaker has the best gimmick of all that and sometimes he thinks if he was a foot and a half taller and way cooler, that could have been him.

When asked who he would have liked to have wrestled that he won’t get the chance to wrestle, he said he’s blessed to wrestle everyone he has, but Owen and Bret Hart come to mind.

Jericho discusses Jericho vs. The Old Man extra on the WWE Jericho DVD and doing some improve comedy to close out TV Tapings for the live crowd. He got the word that night that Vince McMahon wanted Jericho to mess with an older fan who was really angry at Jericho. He said he wanted it on th DVD because it was so preposterous and unique.

When asked about the change from pants to trunks, Jericho said he wanted to reinvent himself for his return 2007. He talked about being inspired by The film No Country for Old Man and how one villain was psycho but talked slowly and methodically, so he incorporated it into his WWE persona. He wanted to make a lot of changes and was nervous walking out of the locker room in his tights.

When asked if he was impressed with the newer stars, he said Miz is doing a real good job and is great. He knew Wade Barrett was going to be a star right off the bat. He talked about John Morrison, Jack Swagger and Sheamus. He said Swagger hasn’t even tapped into what he has yet.

He talked about the promo where he gave a list of everyone he had beaten and how it was a take on his WCW Man of 1004 holds promo.. He said Vince wanted to see how long he could go with the promo and they cut Jericho off.

On TNA, Jericho said you have to be happy TNA exists because a monopoly isn’t good for the fans or the wrestlers. He said he’s familiar with it but doesn’t watch it a lot today. He said you never want to say never because he could get into a huge fistfight with Vince McMahon tomorrow or something but at this stage in his life he only wants to wrestle for WWE and that includes Japan and anywhere else.

In regard to tips for being a wrestler, he said just keep doing it if that’s your dream. People mocked him when he wanted to be a wrestler but they were the ones that were bitter or failed at their dreams. He said that he kept working at it and he’s been able to accomplish his wrestling and music dreams. He said if his “dumb ass” can do it, anyone can.

Jericho was asked about the horror film “Albino Farm”. He said during his first break, he did a lot of studying for acting, which greatly helped him when he returned to WWE. It was a fun role he was able to do and play a unique character.

When asked about advice asked by NXT Rookies, he said that Wade Barrett really didn’t need advice because he obviously had it. He said that some of them asked but he offered to everyone because he has the experience and has been wrestling longer than most of the roster except Goldust and Undertaker. He said that he’d tell them the truth and sort of has the reputation of being a Simon Cowell type who gives harsh criticism but when someone improves, you know when he praises them, its earned.

Jericho said that he wishes the old Christopher Reeve hockey benefit in the Garden was still taking place.

When asked about favorite Tag partners, Jericho said his favorite was Big Show. He said that online fans wanted to see a young guy and it needed to be a young guy when Edge was hurt, but the Jericho character would want the biggest guy. He suggested Kane but Vince McMahon wanted Big Show. He said he had to eliminate a lot of the comedy that Big Show was doing because he’s a big monster. Jericho said he really enjoyed the team but hated the Jerishow name, although he never told anyone how much he hated it at the time.

When asked who beat him up the most by a child, Jericho said Rob Van Dam gave him 35 stitches and its usually Rob’s kicks and punches that get him the most.

When asked about preferring to return as a face vs. heel, he didn’t care because the secret is to get people to keep hating you but at some point, the time is right and people turned you. He purposely didn’t want merchandise other than action figures the last run because fans shouldn’t be supporting his character.

Jericho noted he is now 39 years old.

When asked about the night he became Undisputed Champion, Jericho said that winning a belt is like winning an Oscar but in that situation it was really huge because of the scenario. He said he was floundering at the time and even being in the tournament was huge. He didn’t believe he was going to win and didn’t have his family there because he thought WWE would change their minds. He said that he thought it wasn’t his best work as that came later.

When asked about his favorite match of the Attitude era, he asked when that ended. A fan yelled, “When Cena won the belt” and Jericho said they aren’t allowed to be called belts anymore and they are titles. He also said the fans are now the WWE Universe and he’ll never say that term on TV.

Jericho was asked about the Intercontinental Championship and winning it nine times. Jericho talked about how the IC belt used to mean you were the workhorse of the company and that was one of the only goals he had coming into the business because Ricky Steamboat was the IC champ.

His favorite Wrestlemania match was Mania 19 vs. Shawn Michaels.

His inspirations were Owen Hart and Ricky Steamboat although before them he was a Hulk Hogan fan. He talked about his love for 80s metal frontmen like David Lee Roth and Paul Stanley and how he would incorporate it into his work because he loved them and was inspired by it all.

A fan asked about the Dairy Queen incident in SMW. Jericho joked about how archaic the tape trading scene was with the changes in technology and told the infamous Jim Cornette story.

He was asked about how your mindset changes when the fans reverse who’s being cheered and booed, like his John Cena match where fans backed Jericho. He said it doesn’t effect your mindset but you know its magical and you have to keep your wits about you. He said its hard as a babyface even if one or two people are booing you. He said Austin would freak if even a few weren’t cheering him in a 19,000 seat building and you start to question yourself.

Jericho was asked about training under Stu Hart. He said that he trained with Stu a few years in but he learned discipline at the Hart Family camp which used a Stu Hart written training manual. He talked about some of the crazier stuff that he did while training which was designed to show that you had the mental discipline. He talked about all the insane things and that once they endured that and were allowed into the ring, taking bumps was way easier. He said that fans online ripped the NXT thing where Rookies had to cut a promo on a word and that fans didn’t understand it was about showing you could be ready for anything.

Jericho was asked about balancing WWE and Fozzy. Jericho said that he’s been in a band since he was 12 years old and its part of who he has been his entire life. He said he’ll be doing it when he’s 65. He said that he built Chris Jericho in wrestling and he’s trying to build Fozzy now. He’s happy fans overseas have really taken to the band.

Jericho was asked if Ronnie James Rio or Alberto Del Rio is a bigger star. Jericho liked that one and had a funny promo about how Del Rio may be bigger in stature but when he’s back selling tacos, James Dio will still be known as one of the best singers of all time.

Jericho was asked about his book and said he’s in the final revision now and it will be out in February.

Jericho said he prefers Raw to Smackdown as he likes it being live and even when he was on Smackdown, he felt that way.

Jericho talked about Fozzy having great gigs in NYC and loving playing here.

He was asked about a WWE return and said he has no time table and when the time is right, everyone will know.

Jericho said the last question had to be one he was never asked before. The question was why did you work in McDonalds. He said TMZ wanted to interview him, so Jericho came up with the idea of filming him working in McDonalds and the second person who came in was a Jericho fan that recognized him and asked if he was Jericho. Jericho said that it was and since leaving WWE, times were tough.

An extremely entertaining back and forth discussion where Jericho seemed to really enjoy himself.


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