Monday Morning Backlash: A Dissenting View on “Stand Up for WWE”

Everyone has come out of late speaking badly of the “Stand Up for WWE” campaign. Look, this is obviously to support Linda McMahon’s senate campaign, but regardless, you’re all hypocrites.

The IWC makes up the WWE’s core, die-hard audience. This is the same group that buys the PPVs, tunes into Raw every week no matter how bad, and buys the DVDs, even if just those of IWC sweethearts like Chris Jericho. I’d bet a large portion of this group also visit and have a subscription to one of WWE’s pay-to-view venues like WWE-on-Demand.

So this group is now all bent out of shame because they’re being requested to vocally state that they support the WWE. WWE are now apparently pure evil and not worth being supported because of all the wrestler deaths, the lack of healthcare, the racism, the sexism, and all the other general “treating our workers like cattle” complaints. “How dare the WWE ask us to support that!” cries the IWC. But you all support it already.

Whether by financially supporting WWE, which most of us do in some fashion or another, or just tuning into Raw and adding to their ad revenue, we all implicitly support the WWE and their way of doing business. We all knew of all these issues prior to this campaign and chose to turn a blind eye and support WWE anyway. Now that we’re being asked to step up and defend our viewing habits, defend what we already support, we have an issue? That’s hypocrisy.

So, for all those who’ve written diatribes against the WWE and this campaign, shut up, or, barring that, put your money where your mouth is. The WWE is so horrible you cannot bear to be thought to stand up for them? Don’t buy any of their stuff. Stop watching. Until then, congratulations, you’re a hypocrite. Stand up and be counted.

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