John Byrne shares uncolored sneak peek of Next Men #3 cover

As those that have been following this site know, I am a huge John Byrne’s Next Men fan. I am so jazzed about their return with IDW starting December 2010.

In the midst of all this enthusiasm. a few of your posts are making my spider-sense tingle.
When Chris Ryall finally talked me into brining back JBNM, one of the things we were both concerned about was making it easy for readers completely unfamiliar with the book to jump on without having to read any of the previous issues. To this end, I came up with a structure for the first issue that does just that — but I’m still worried that some retailers and fans (even well meaning ones — remember GENERATIONS 3?) will start telling potential new readers that they “have to” read all the previous issues before starting in on the new series.

Creator John Byrne has confirmed that the new series will be accessible to new readers. So, fear not since “YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO HAVE READ ANY OF THE PREVIOUS ISSUES IN ORDER TO PICK UP THE NEW ONES“. 🙂

Issues 1 and 2 have been officially solicited and are on schedule for a December and January release.

And now, check out the uncolored cover to John Byrne’s Next Men #3 shared by the creator on his popular forum.

Intriguing! Can’t wait for issue #3 to hit stands in February 2011.

John Byrne's Next Men #3 (February 2011)


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