10 Thoughts on Smackdown: 11.26.2010 – Bad Ending but Great Matches

1. Now I know it’s kind of mandatory for Kane to have red lighting during his promos but come on why does it have to be so OTT?! I had to squint my eyes extra tight (and I have 20:20 vision) to make out his big bald head. Next time, try a soft pink please.

2. The Kofi/Swagger match had its great points – Kofi’s bottom rope boom drop – and its terrible points – Kofi’s awkward as hell ankle lock reversal – but the match itself I feel went on for about 10 minutes to long and I found myself more interested in watching the snow fall then this match. But then again I do get distracted extremely easily and watching a squirrel frolic in the snow tops everything. However, if I have some spare time this week to watch a 20 minute match I promise I will go back and re-watch it.

3. Oh dear god, why are WWE continuing with this whole Paul Bearer/Edge sh**?! It’s not entertaining nor interesting at all to watch a 56-year-old get bullied. Please let it finish ASAP – even though we all know it won’t anytime soon.

4. Big Shows reversal of Alberto’s finisher was a thing of beauty (I think I have a thing for reversals) I could re-watch it over and over again (and have done for the last hour.) The match itself was pretty good and Alberto definitely brought out the best in Big Show.

5. Pretty uneventful match between Drew and MVP – the ring steps were the only saving grace of what could’ve been one of the worst matches of this month. I do wish Drew had stomped MVP’s head into the steps though, no not because I dislike him but because it would have brought some much needed excitement to it.

6.  Well, that wasn’t half a surprise- the Smackdown divas actually managed to pull a good match out of the bag. It was exciting, fast paced and it involved a reversal ;). However, It was disgustingly short and I wish it could have gone on for a bit longer but I did really enjoy it.  Kelly Kelly has come an incredibly long way since she was traded to SD earlier this year and people need to start realising it instead of thinking of what she used to be like – she just needs to be given more of a chance to shine.

7. *this is where I turn into a tween at a Justin Bieber concert* OMMGGG YEEEYYYY BETH! I LOVE YOU MY BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!! YEEEYYY* – and breathe.

8. When Cody and Rey was first announced as a KOTR qualifying match I thought “obviously Rey is going to win, duh!” so when the dashing one won I was over the moon! The match was great of course – I wouldn’t expect any less from this pairing. I hope WWE realise this and that we get to see a lot more from these two together in the near future.

9. Oh dear god, why would you end what could have been an one of the best Smackdown shows of the year with such a horrifying little skit? *sigh* The only redeeming part was how far Kane threw ‘Paul Bearers’ stuffed head – seriously go back and watch it, he should be in the Olympics.

10. Best match: ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes/Rey Mysterio.
Worst match:
Drew McIntyre/MVP.
Best segment:
It’s going to have to go to the mess that was Hornswoggle, the eagle and Rosa Mendes – yes it was terribly bad but getting to stare at the beautiful Rosa more than made up for it.

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