Wednesday Comments – ‘My Fault’ – With Walking Dead, JMS & More

So three weeks ago I said that I’d be back with more comic related goodness next week. Obviously I lied because you’ve not seen or read anything from me for quite some time. And I apologize for that. But on the plus side check this out;

That’s right, I actually hit the 50k word mark by 11/30 so I completed my challenge. And it was hard work. So much work that I’m completely backed up when it comes to my reading. I’m so behind that I’m actually glad that comics are a day late this week. I counted 47 issues that came out in the past four weeks (not counting what comes out this week) that I’ve yet to read. And that’s not even counting the probably dozen books that I was already behind on. Basically I’ve got a ton of reading to do.

Thus I’m not really up to date on what’s been going on with the weekly reads. I don’t really have an opinion what’s been going on because I’ve been out of the loop. But I do want to put some stuff in this column so I’m just going to give my opinions on some of the stuff that I have encountered lately. Some of it will be current and some won’t.

Batwoman #0 – I loved this issue. I loved the parallel stories and the complimenting art styles. I loved the writing. I loved the layouts and design. Actually, there’s nothing about this book that I don’t love. Well I guess I’m kinda sad that Greg Rucka’s not involved, but Blackman and Williams III don’t seemed to have missed a beat.

T.H.U.N.D.E.R.  Agents #1 – I really enjoyed this book. I liked the approach that Spencer took with things and I liked how the action and plot unfolded. I really want this book to succeed, but I honestly think that it’s cursed. Mark Andreyko was attached to this project in 2003 and James Robinson was attached last year. And now we have Nick Spencer, who’s the hot young talent and can do no wrong. Hopefully he succeeds with this property, where it seems like so many others have stalled, because based on the first issue he’s building to something.

Top 10 – During my trip back home to Tucson last month, I stopped by Fantasy Comics and picked up some of the books that I’ve had trouble tracking down, namely Top 10 and Promethea. Well, I finished the first trade for Top 10 and man did that book live up to the hype. It’s well written and gorgeous. Making my reading of Top 10 all the more enjoyable is the annotations to all of the references in the series. It’s so good. Believe the hype about this book.

Superman Earth One – So I managed to find a 1st printing of this revamping of Kal El for modern readers. I liked seeing Clark weigh all of his options when going to Metropolis. I liked seeing a spunky Lois Lane again. I thought the book looked well and was a solid read. But there were some forced bits as well. Overall, it was enjoyable and didn’t really have any serious missteps.

JMS Abandoning Monthly Writing Gigs – Um, boo? His Wonder Woman let quite a bit to be desired and Superman was only tolerable. But now he’s leaving the gigs before he’s finished? What a serious disappointment. I’ve half a mind to drop both books.

The Walking Dead on AMC – I’m actually two episodes behind (though I’ll probably be caught up later today) but for the most part I’m enjoying things. I’ve really only got one problem and one worry.

My problem is with the resourceful zombies who use rocks to break windows and climb over fences. Really? I’m no zombie expert, but that seems odd to me.

My worry has to do with Carl, or rather the actor who plays him. Carl’s a pretty important character as the series progresses but I’m worried that the actor who plays Carl will outgrow the role, if time elapses on the show anywhere near as slowly as it does in the comic. We could have a Walt on Lost type situation here.  

But apart from that I’m really enjoying the show and the detours they’re taking.

Ok, that’s it for this week, but I’ll seriously be back next week and hopefully I’ll be caught up on my reading or at least made a dent in it.

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