2010 San Francisco Giants: The Official World Series Film – Blu-ray Review

The San Francisco Giants weren’t the glamourous pick as World Series champs. Even when they arrived for the big game, they were overshadowed by the Texas Rangers that had been hyped hard on MLB Network during the season. The Giants were relatively unknown in a world where ESPN likes to make it all about Red Sox-Yankees. The West mentions were about Manny and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Giants did get notice because of Tim Lincecum, their two-time Cy Young winning pitcher. Even then it was mostly about his amazing mullet. They were nearly unknown to casual viewers when they challenged the high profile Texas Rangers. 2010 World Series: San Francisco Giants vs. Texas Rangers gives all the background on the team of misfit winners that play by the Bay.

The World Series was hyped as the coronation of the game’s biggest hitter and pitcher: Texas Rangers’ Josh Hamilton and Cliff Lee. Hamilton had the emotional tale of kicking a major drug problem during his early years. His team celebrated the ALCS title by spraying him with ginger ale for fear the taste of champagne might cause him to fall off the wagon. Lee’s lined up to be the highest paid pitcher when he became a free agent after the Series. This was going to be a celebration before his payday. The Rangers were the hot team of destiny after the legendary Nolan Ryan bought them mid-season. They were spunky, plucky and Yankee killers. Fans didn’t count on the unexpected chance that their future Hall of Famers would cool off.

The strangest aspect of the series was that Texas Ranger catcher Bengie Molina was going to get a World Series ring no matter who won. He had been traded by the Giants at mid-season. But he was hoping to be able to celebrate with his new team as he caught the monster Cliff Lee. The pitcher had already shut down the Yankees. He was undefeated in his post season career. He was a lock pick until game one started. His pitching duel with Lincecum was fierce at first, but Cliff Lee got knocked out of the game in the fifth inning by coughing up 3 runs. There was a sense that the inevitable had been completely derailed. The second game was close early until the Giants busted it open with seven runs in the eight inning. The Giants were leading 2-0, but Texas had three games back in Arlington. It wasn’t over.

Game Three showed the Rangers weren’t going to be swept. Josh Hamilton finally got his homer. They seemed ready to tie it up in game four with the first pitch thrown by former Presidents George W. Bush and George W.H. Bush. Instead of being inspired at the ex-Commander in Chiefs, the Rangers became ice cold. They were shut out. There was little fear of them losing the title at the Ballpark since Cliff Lee was back on the mound. He couldn’t go bad two games in a row. Giants had little fear of him since Lincecum had their backs. While everyone looked at Hamilton and other Rangers to be home run threats, it was the Giants’ Edgar Renteria that delivered a fatal long ball. Renteria had been injured most of the season and declared he was retiring after the Series. He went out clutching the MVP trophy as part of the Champions.

2010 World Series: San Francisco Giants vs. Texas Rangers gives a good sense of how the victory parade ended up in the land of Rice-A-Roni. This was a team filled with personality when finally given camera time. The most colorful character is Giants reliever Brian Wilson and his dyed black beard. He looks like a Billy Mays impersonator on the mound. Perhaps the freakish facial hair distracted hitters as he closed down games. Rob Schneider serves as the narrator. That’s right, Deuce Bigalow charts the journey of his hometown heros. But don’t let this put any fear in you. The audio engineer adds a little echo on Schneider’s voice to transform him into Barry White’s nephew. He unloads a serious voice that sounds like he’s making ransom demands and not sucking up to Adam Sandler for a role. The casting of Schneider is appropriate since like the Giants, they’re both misfits that found unlikely success no matter how embarrassing the haircut.

The video is 1.78:1 anamorphic 1080i. The game footage mixes broadcast video with exclusive MLB camera action. Things look nice for live action. The whole project was shot in HD so there’s no issues in the frame. The audio is DTS-HD. Most of the time it’s sound of the games mixed with Rob Schneider’s narration. The levels are fine so you should have to adjust the volume once you’ve found your perfect notch.

A DVD containing everything on the Blu-ray.

This Week in Baseball : Focus on Buster Posey (4:18) covers the arrival of the rookie catcher in mid-season. The kid is focused on being part of the team.

Giants Clinch NL West: Final Out (1:03) ends with Brian Wilson striking out a Padre.

NLDS Game 5: Final Out (0:46) ends with Brian Wilson getting a Brave to ground out.

NLCS Game 1: Cody Ross’s Home Runs (1:58) gives both of his long strokes against the Phillies.

NLCS Game 6: Juan Uribe Home Run (1:21) just goes over the wall.

NLCS Game 6: Final Out (2:02) show Brian Wilson striking out Ryan Howard.

World Series Game 1: Juan Uribe Home Run (1:32) goes deep into the crowd.

World Series Game 2: Edgar Renteria Home Run (1:52) is another nasty swing.

World Series Game 4: Freddie Sanchez Defensive Plays (1:36) is a montage of snags.

World Series Game 5: Lincecum’s Strike Outs (2:12) is the Freak at his finest.

World Series Game 5: Edgar Renteria Home Run (1:30) is the moment of truth.

World Series Game 5: Final Out and Celebration (4:48) another Brian Wilson shut down.

World Series Parade in San Francisco (2:41) is highlights of the team in trolley cars.

2010 World Series: San Francisco Giants vs. Texas Rangers has the ability to appeal to the non-hardcore fans. This might still be painful viewing for Rangers fans. But for viewers were were intrigued by the various freakish haircuts worn by the Giants, this give the rest of the story. The biggest winner is Rob Schneider. He clinched a second career narrating sports documentaries.

Shout! Factory and MLB Productions present 2010 World Series: San Francisco Giants vs. Texas Rangers. Starring: Rob Schneider, Brian Wilson, Nolan Ryan and Josh Hamilton. Running time: 87 minutes. Released on Blu-ray and DVD: December 7, 2010.

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