Pulse Wrestling Report: WWE Smackdown! 12.31.2010 — Dolph Ziggler, Edge, LayCool

Hello boys and girls, and Happy New Year!

Dolph Ziggler is going to kick things of, cautiously walking out and cradling Vickie. Both are there to talk, and Vickie screeches over John Cena’s interaction last week. They play the video of the almost-AA, and claims to have vertigo…Kofi interrupts. He’s pissed about the finish at TLC, and now Swagger is entering. He’s angry too, as they show the finish again. The two Superstars argue over who gets the rematch, but Dolph shoots them both down. An all-out battle breaks out, Teddy interrupts, and announces that Dolph will be defending his title that night in a triple threat match.

I can’t tell if I loved or hated this segment, but either way, I’m ready for some Smackdown!


Big Show enters. Cody Rhodes enters.

Sidebar: This time last year, Cody was the weakest link of Legacy, fading into the background while Teddy shined. Now look at him…he’s got a great gimmick, tons of personality, completely entertaining, and moving on up. He’s quickly becoming one of my favorites to watch.

Bell rings and off we go. Cody is being tossed around the ring already, and…Show sits on Cody’s face. He checks on his face, but is yanked back in by Show. Cody seems lighter than air as he flies around. Beautiful Disaster, and Cody drops the big guy. Rally is quick, as Show gets the upper hand, threatens the Knockout Punch, Cody retreats and is counted out.

Grade: D+
You know what, as far as a “Big Show Is Tough, Look How Strong He Is!” match goes, this one wasn’t terrible, and that was all due to Cody’s commitment. I daresay this wasn’t a terrible match. It wasn’t good, but it certainly wasn’t terrible.

Backstage, prepping for New Years is a bunch of people. Including Hornswoggle. Someone who I assume is one of the Rookies hones in on Rosa’s cheese. That was odd. Drew McIntyre names off his resolutions…which are to become champion and to be a better person! How sweet. Chavo appears as well, calling out the Superstars drunkenly. Well, not really, as Teddy informs him that his champagne is non-alcoholic. Boring.


Drew is on his way out to the ring, followed by Not Fired Dudebuster. Wow. Really?

Bell rings. (“Trent Barretta has last longer than McIntyre’s opponent LAST week”…that kills me) McIntyre dominant, Barretta with some interesting reversals, only to be tossed into the corner with some force. Solid kick to the face, Drew moves outside the ring to further the attack, back in, some loud offense, killer clothesline, pin for two. Trent starts to rally, solid kick, pin for two. Trent to the top rope, dropkick that ejects McIntyre out of the ring. Trent DIVES but misses, and lands hard on his back. Ref calls for the bell immediately.

Grade: C
Not bad at all from either man, really. Must have been Croft I wasn’t a fan of, because Trent fared pretty well.

Futureshock from Drew, “That’s a wrap for this year!”, laughs, and leaves.


Oh no! Chavo is hugging the eagle. Now who’s in the suit? Time for more resolutions, LayCool appears, claiming they were too skinny to break the table. Nattie and Beth come up to counter, and all four women are squeaking all over the place. We will get some awesome tag team action later…hell yes!

Edge makes his way out with the belt…oh yeah, I already forgot he won the belt.


Rey enters, followed by Alberto, then Kane. Here we go. Alberto and Rey start off, already 619 position and Edge is tagged in. Alberto is launched out of the ring, Kane is launched out of the ring. Edge and Rey work together in a maneuver that started out like a powerbomb, flips outside of the ring and lands on both heels.


Kane and Edge battle it out, Edge landing punched while Kane is in the corner, only to be assaulted by del Rio, who tags in. Drop kick to the back of Edge’s head, pin for two. They go to the ropes, Kane lands a kick when the ref turns his back to him. Kane in, working on Edge, countered, Edge on fire. Goes to tag Rey, successful, high senton, takes out Kane’s knees, takes out Alberto, but is taken out by Kane. He’s thrown from the ring, where Alberto pounces. He’s thrown into the barricade hard, thrown back in, Alberto tags. Submission hold to Rey, backbreaker, for two. Kane tags in, another backbreaker, but Rey gains momentum with a DDT, rolling towards Edge slowly. Del Rio in, Edge in, Edge in control. DDT from Edge now, crazy eyes…charges, only to be stopped by Kane, who is thrown out, hurricanrana from Rey, 619, Spear, for three.

Grade: B+
God damn, this was actually a great match. It was a little repetitive and mundane from del Rio and Rey, but it really worked. Loved the quick-draw finish.

Back to the party. Kaitlyn and Chavo! And now, Masters. Hornswoggle tries the pec dance, and we go back to Show and Kelly (who are…BFF’s…) and he warns her about Drew. Cody appears to complain about Show. They bicker like an old married couple, and Teddy is announcing two huge main events. Alberto del Rio against Rey in two out of three falls match, and Kane against Edge in Last Man Standing…wow!


And we’re back with LayCool, with Beth and Nattie entering next.

Beth and Michelle off first. Beth’s strength punches me in the face as she lifts Michelle straight up, Nattie comes in. Michelle goes for Faithbreaker, but Nattie grabs the ropes, and eats Michelle’s boot.


Layla has her legs wrapped around Natalya, thrusting back and forth…ugh. Beth tags in, Michelle stands on the ropes, creating a space which Beth does not see, and goes flying when she tries to bounce off of them. Michelle tags, and heads over to Beth on the ground. Both women back in, Beth getting her ass kicked. Layla in, Beth flipping Layla over, she crawls to Natalya, who tags in, big clothesline to Layla, bodyslam, pin for two, goes for Sharpshooter, countered, tries again, both women roll, Nattie locks it in while laying down, but kicked by Michelle, who tags in. Beth tags in, Glam Slam attempt, connects, for the victory.

Grade: B-
I loved this. Not too long ago, I was complaining about the Divas and using their matches for smoke breaks at PPV’s…but these four are making it not only watchable, but I look forward to their matches every week.

Teddy Long congratulates everyone on a great year, and no fight breaking out. Chavo interrupts, Show offers to get him a drink, dumping a punch bowl on him, and…a lot of other stuff. With JTG, Chavo, Hawkins, and Reks (aka the Cast of Superstars) being the focus of the food fight.

Raw Rebound…aw, I missed another Nexus-centric Cena beatdown? I gotta start watching Raw…especially with the addition of Punk.

Main event time! Kofi is out first, then Swagger, then Ziggler (who, by the way, is now a fellow resident of my Arizona, so they should start billing him from Hollywood, Arizona…do it!)


Bell rings and we begin. This is going to be mayhem, so bear with me. The challengers work on the champ, and now the heels on the face. Kicks are being thrown around, along with submissions, stomps, taunting, etc. Ziggles drops an elbow, Swagger with a leg drop. Kofi begins to rally against the two, Ziggler thrown out, Swagger thrown out, Kofi charges, and dives!


Kofi and Jack in the ring, Kofi in control. Dolph breaks up that momentum, dragging him outside of the ring and attacking. Jack against Dolph now, the champ still in control, goes for a pin, for two. Swagger rolls out, Kofi climbs in, neckbreaker from Dolph, for two again. Kofi gets fired up, Dolph puts him out. Swagger attempts to enter the ring, but Dolph launches him, and back down to Kofi. They slowly rise, some punches from Kofi, boom drop, goes for Trouble in Paradise, caught by Swagger, who takes out both. Covers Ziggler, for two. Covers Kofi, for two. Swagger goes after Kofi, to the top rope for both, Kofi counters, Ziggler jumps in to take his spot. Both men on the top rope. Enter Swagger, who scoops Dolph up, tosses him, crossbody from Kofi for a near fall! Kofi goes for SOS, Swagger fights out, Ankle Lock, missed Trouble in Paradise, back to the Ankle Lock, Zig Zag from Ziggler, pins, Kofi breaks it up. Swagger and Kofi fight it out, DDT from Kofi! Vickie drags Jack’s leg to the rope to end the count, TiP connects, Ziggler runs in to roll up Kingston for the victory!

Grade: B+
Wow. Not a single moment of this match lulled, and it kept you guessing the entire time. Hell of a main event, and the finish was so quick I barely knew what happened. I really enjoyed seeing these men occupy the main event for once…and it worked, so keep it up, WWE!

Credits roll on the final Smackdown of 2010! Happy New Year, folks!

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