Pulse Wrestling Report: WWE Smackdown! 01.14.2011 — Edge, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett

Who’s ready for some Smackdown? Wade Barrett makes his official Smackdown debut. I still don’t know how I feel about this move, but I’m thrilled I get to report on him every week.

Dolph Ziggler will be a guest on Cutting Edge tonight. That should be great (no sarcasm).

Alberto del Rio makes his way to the ring with his ridiculously elaborate entrance. He promises victory at Royal Rumble, and…out walks/raps R-Truth…what the hell? Del Rio has his serious face on as Truth begins listing all the PG reasons he won’t win the Rumble. Oh, Cody’s turn to enter and explain why he’ll win, and he’s virtually lisp-free. Rey, now. No one is telling Truth why he won’t win…in fact, they’re not even really acknowledging him. I guess it’s just assumed. Oh wait, he attacks Cody and all hell breaks loose until Teddy Long’s music kicks up. In the most predictable way possible, they’re in tag team action after the commercial break.


Cody and Rey start it off. Cody pounces tossing Rey around, but Rey counters and starts killing Cody. Alberto tags in, cornering the little man. Once Alberto turns to gloat, Rey gets some cheap shots on Cody in the corner, only to be ejected from the ring. Cody tags back in, both men to the top rope, Cody is knocked down, Crossbody from Rey. Alberto and Truth tag in, Truth’s pimp hand strong. Both heels are tossed to the ground, outside the ring, and Rey hits his high-flying offensive which means…


Come back and Alberto is in with Truth, Alberto in control. Cody tags in, but Truth hits the hardest drop toe hold and he’s clearing the ring. But not for long. Cody viciously attacks, del Rio tags in, big drop kick, and he slows things back down in a submission. Cody in, working steadily on Truth. Truth lifts Cody over his head for a big drop, turning the tables but both men are down. Rey tags in for a senton to Cody, Alberto missing, Crossbody, to the top rope, sunset flip, has the pin but del Rio breaks it up. Truth gets rid of Alberto, Cody gets rid of Truth, 619 position, connects, for three.

Grade: C
You know, for the random compilation of people, this wasn’t bad. I loved seeing del Rio and Rhodes together, and Truth was a small enough dose that it kind of worked. I enjoyed it.


Time for your recommended daily dose of obnoxious. JTG and his little segment. This is just awful. He has hobo signs, and his words are all blending together. Floyd, OUT.

Recap of Barrett attacking Show and his beautiful elbow drop.

Barrett is being interviewed by Grisham, he explains that his work on Raw will carry over to Smackdown—by taking out the biggest man on the roster. Oh, and comparing himself to Caesar.


Another plug for Ezekial Jackson’s debut on Smackdown…wasn’t that supposed to happen a few weeks ago? He’s advertised as “Coming Soon”…

Trent Barretta in the ring. Drew makes his way out.

Before Drew can get in the ring, Trent knocks him off the apron, and pounces. This infuriates Drew as he retaliates, and the fight moves outside the ring. Barretta is thrown into the announce table, and backhanded like Drew was when arguing with Tiffany. Back in the ring, Big dropkick from Drew, for two. Trent starts to rally, to the top rope, misses, belly to belly suplex from Drew, lifts him above his head, goes to toss him out but Trent flips around, pinning, and wins.

Grade: C+
You know, I enjoyed this. I used to loathe Trent Barretta, but he’s doing fairly well on his own two feet. His win was very surprising and I really liked what I saw. I just wish it was a bit longer.


Drew is explaining himself to Kelly Kelly backstage, apologizing for his behavior, but she tells him to grow up. Please, Kelly is only tolerable when her two assets are on display, not when she speaks.

Big Show enters. We get to hear Barrett’s new song…hm. I’m not sure about it.

Here we go! Big Show immediately attacks, throwing punches and tossing him around, but Barrett takes out the knees of Show and he’s on the ground. Barrett works on the knee, goes to kick but is caught, and Show builds up momentum. Signals for Chokeslam, fights out, caught again, fights out, caught again, and wait! Heath Slater and J-Gabe attack!

Grade: C-
Barrett actually looked fantastic against Show. For once, it wasn’t about Show dominating, Barrett was holding his own. And with Slater and J-Gabe’s interaction…I loved it. I was wondering what would happen to them after Monday.

And HERE’S Ezekial! He’s staring down Show, and the attack begins again from the former Nexus members. All three men in a losing battle. Wicked clothesline from Jackson, and all FOUR attack. Jackson lifts Show up on his shoulder for a bodyslam. J-Gabe hits the 450 with his man-beard, and they raise their arms in victory.


Laycool enters, followed by Beth Phoenix.

Beth already manhandling Michelle, who then takes out Beth’s knee. She keeps working on the knee over, and over. Beth rolls up Michelle but she kicks out, and clotheslines her. Begins working on the knee again but Beth tosses her out of the ring. Once back in, the two go at it, and Beth hits a slingshot suplex, in Glam Slam position but Michelle fights out. Oh wait, she’s back in position, rolls out to pin Beth, Beth rolls back for three.

Grade: C-
Too short for my taste and not enough variety, though I love these two.


The video package for HBK is shown…still love it.

Teddy Long is trying to say that Dolph’s win doesn’t count. He takes a call concerning Barrett and walks away, leaving Vickie and Dolph to nauseate me.

Kofi making his way to the ring.


Kofi in the ring, discussing how grateful he is for the title but Swagger interrupts. Well, now begins this feud. An impromptu title shot?

Bell rings, and here we go. Swagger looks fantastic, grounding Kofi and stopping his momentum.


Swagger still at it, looking better than he has in months. Works on Kofi, but Kofi counters, goes for SOS, countered. Gutwrench Powerbomb, countered. Trouble in Paradise, misses. SOS connects, for three.

Grade: D+
I found myself bored during this, and spacing out. Kofi seemed off tonight, even if Swagger looked great. It started out strong, but kind of fizzled.


Time for the Cutting Edge…Edge enters the ring and discusses his title. He introduces Dolph, and the pair enter. They talk about winning the Rumble, but the focus turns to Vickie. The fat jokes were funny…before she lost a tremendous amount of weight. The “sexual tension” between Edge and Vickie is acknowledged. Dolph explains how much Vickie has done for Edge’s career, and what she’ll do for his career. Vickie shows a clip of Edge smooching (ew) Alicia Fox at their wedding…gross. It’s Edge shows his own clip of cheating…Kaitlyn and Dolph smooching. At this moment, Dolph attacks. Once he’s out of the ring, Vickie unleashes all of her old anger on Edge and attacks him as well. He pauses…gets the crazy eyes…and gets in position, only to be pulled out by Dolph. Zig Zag on the steel steps! Dolph and Vickie make out like teenagers and the credits roll.

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