Original Bionic Woman Seasons 2 and 3 DVD sets expected in 2011

For folks who want to complete their Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman DVD sets, you may be able to do so this year. Creator/writer/producer Kenneth Johnson sees both sets out in 2011 and has already done his voice over work for some episodes as DVD extras.

….no release dates for Seasons 2 and 3 have been announced, however Johnson has indicated that he expects to see the remainder of the series issued during 2011. In the meantime, several episodes from season 2 have been included in the Time Life Six Million Dollar Man set…

I picked up the SMDM mega DVD set and Bionic Woman Season 1 DVD set and I can’t wait to get the remaining 2 DVDs for BW. A spring 2011 release date for BW Season 2 would make sense (April/May) with Season 3 following 6 months later (November/December). [My fingers are crossed.]

Once official release dates are announced, we’ll have them for you.

Anyone else pick up the SMDM mega DVD set and/or Bionic Woman Season 1 DVD? If so, what did you think?

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Source: Bionic Wikia