Tuesday Morning Backlash: 10 WWE Royal Rumble 2011 Predictions (John Cena, Nexus, Edge, Randy Orton, Miz)

10 Royal Rumble 2011 Predictions

1. John Cena will win. This will likely include him taking out half of both the old and new Nexus and, possibly, being beaten down right after winning.

2. Triple H will return like Randy Savage once did, angry and attacking Sheamus, who will have looked dominant to that point. He will eliminate himself assaulting Sheamus.

3. The two Nexus’ will collide. This will be their only collision as they are otherwise kept separate.

4. Alberto Del Rio, Daniel Bryan, or both will be in the Rumble for a long, long time. Rumble’s work best with that type of wrestler holding them together.

5. Edge vs. Ziggler will not be as good as we all think; Edge doesn’t have much left in the tank. To the office, Ziggler will take the blame.

6. Orton vs. Miz will be better than we think. Orton might actually win the title thanks to a Lawler assist and we can then get Lawler vs. Miz as a big Wrestlemania match. I’m still predicting the Miz win, but I’m wavering.

7. Your Rumble Final Four? John Cena, Wade Barrett, CM Punk and John Morrison.

8. Beth Phoenix will again be in the Royal Rumble, only to be eliminated this year by Awesome Kong.

9. Trent Barretta will again get the best of Drew McIntyre. Ideally, this finally leads to Drew snapping, but I think they save that for Smackdown.

10. 40 participants in the Rumble will prove to be too many and the entire affair will get boring, with a lot of filler between Big Show and Ezekiel Jackson eliminating a ton of people. They could have had two-minute intervals, have it go just as long, and get rid of a ton of rif-raf with no chance.

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