Hawaii Five-0 – Episode 1-14 Review

“He Kane Hewa’ole” should be the standard for future Hawaii Five-0 episodes. It has an interesting case with a couple twists, a car chase, a shooting that doesn’t go overboard, and  decent humor. Overall, it’s a very solid episode.

Danny correctly says that McGarrett does get soft for fathers’ and their kids. While it does give McGarrett a little extra kick of motivation, his innate trust could get him in hot water later on.

The one thing that bothered me was the scene when Chin Ho meets his ex-fiancee. She’s in one scene, has a few lines, then disappears. Kono and Chin Ho don’t even talk about her later. I’m all for introducing new characters, but if someone as important as Chin Ho’s ex-fiancee is going to be treated so flippantly, I rather not see her until more time can be spent developing her character.

The CHiPs jokes were funny throughout the episode, especially the final switch after Kono’s response. It would be cool if this became a running gag where Danny and McGarrett randomly compare themselves to TV cops.

Score: 8.7/10