The Gold Standard: Top Five Moments Of The Week 1/19/11-1/25/11

5. Maybe I’m morbid, but I like watching the Hawk’s suffer. Brightest Day #18 by Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi did a good job.

4. Superman and Batman through the generations, a nice touch by Chris Roberson in Superman/Batman #80.

3. We finally get to see the moment a deal was struck, a ceasefire was put in play, a ‘hero’ dies, and Butcher comes face to face with Homelander as The Seven talk with The Boys in Garth Ennis’s The Boy #50

2. A girl and her dog as Peeg teams up with a clone of Krypto in Power Girl #20 by Judd Winick.

1. Never forget that Sinestro is better than you. Green Lantern Corps #56 by Tony Bedard does a good job reminding us.

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